5 Unique and Best Alexa Skills you can try on your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo or the Echo range of devices are the best things that have ever happened to us. Of course, they have been facing a stiff competition from Google Home products, Alexa has been able to keep itself afloat, thanks to the performance that it has been able to offer. The Amazon Alexa skills have been something you have always found unique in themselves. Here a few unusual Alexa skills you would be interested in.

alexa best skills


So far, you have been using it for a wide range of activities such as listening to music, connecting it with a host of other Alexa enabled devices and so on. But, have you ever given a thought to learning best Alexa skills that can help you go beyond that proven path? Let us check out a few Alexa Skills best suited for gaining some knowledge or do things slightly differently. Here are a few great skills for Alexa that would help you do things in a unique manner.

I want only the temperature

When you ask Alexa about the temperature outside, it doesn’t only stop after conveying the temperature to you. It continues sharing other info about weather and a host of other details. Using the Just the Temperature Skill, you can limit the additional information that Alexa wants sharing with you.

Once you enable the Alexa skill, you can just say , “Alexa, ask Just the Temperature what the current temperature is.” 

Giant Spoon Skill

This can be an excellent option for the professionals. If you are in a meeting and the team seems to have lost the idea about what to discuss and how to do it, you can ask Alexa to come with an idea to get into the mood. Giant Spoon is a company known well enough in the marketing spectrum and can help you come up with a few great ideas for brainstorming.

Once you enable the Giant Spoon Skill, you can ask Alexa – “Alexa, ask Giant Spoon for help brainstorming,” Just wait a while, and Alexa will come with the best of the ideas.

Today in History

This is one of the best Alexa skills that can be quite helpful for the students and those interested in the historical facts. The skill, as you would quickly guess, s created by The History Channel and supplies you with adequate information on what happened today in history.

Enable the Today in History Skill from Amazon and just tell Alexa, “Alexa, launch This Day in History.” If something you just heard interests you further, you can ask Alexa to tell moe about the event.


The Dr AI skill can let you have a better understanding of what is ailing you right now. The skill is trained by over 107,000 top U.S. doctors across 141 specialities and covers a wide range of illnesses. You can indulge in an empathetic discussion about your health and symptoms.

Once the skill has been enabled, you can ask Alexa to take you to the doc, by saying “Alexa, talk to Dr AI,” You can even get connected to an actual doctor if you want to through the skill. One of the most useful and best Alexa skills, it should be used with caution.

Beer Goggles

Have you been visiting the bar quite often and don’t think you have a control over when to leave? The Beer Goggles is a rather funny skill that can direct you leave the bar just in time. Ask Alexa to launch the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Beer Goggles,”

The skill will ask you a host of questions to ascertain your status and ability to be normal. It will ask a series of questions and based on the answers you provide; it will suggest you to either leave the bar or have another drink. Make sure you are above the age of 18 years to use the skill.

Well, those were a few Alexa skills Amazon offers you that can help you get access to a few useful information. Of course, there are a host of exciting and best Alexa skills that can make it a great option in its own right. Check them out and they would indeed an excellent option to put into some sort of practical usage.





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