7 signs you May had Coronavirus Already! #Focus on those indicators

Did you have Coronavirus already and have developed immunity? If you have had any of the symptoms here during February and March, you may perhaps have developed the immunity to the dreaded virus already.

Is it possible that you already have COVID 19 and do not know it as yet? There are a few signs that may indicate you already have the COVID 19 infection and may not realise the fact. Like Dr. Daniel Atkinson, GP Clinical Lead at says a host of people would experience mild symptoms and may end up with no serious issues as long as their health is concerned. Only a small percentage of people is expected to experience serious concerns.

These can be the signs of COVID 19

Had you suffered the flu-like issues during mid-February? Wondering if that was COVID 19? In that see, it could be, and you may already have had it. A few silent signs that would prove the possibility of COVID 19 can include the following –

1. You had a fever and Flu

You may have had flu and fever during February and some sort of hacking cough. When you checked for flu, found the flu tests negative. If this is what happened to you, it is likely that you have had Coronavirus. It may be noticed that COVID 19 and flu season literally overlapped.

This overlapping caused a confusion during the days. This is where many of the cases went unnoticed. Maybe you were one of them and had the disease already.

2. Your sense of smell and taste were lost

Almost 65 per cent of the COVI 19 patients indicate that they experienced the loss of sense for smell and taste. While the symptoms do not form part of the list of the specific Coronavirus symptoms, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  decided them to the list of the possible symptoms of the COVID 19 disease recently.

It has now been agreed that the loss of smell and taste have been a few symptoms that are unique to COVID 19. These symptoms do not manifest themselves as acutely as in the case of Coronavirus.

3. You had COVID Toes

Do not go aghast. COVID Toes are real. Experts claim that the toes marked specifically by purple or red, itchy wounds can be a clear indication of a possible COVID infection. There have been indications to that end only recently.

But, wait. The itchy toes need not necessarily be the telltale signs of the respiratory disease so dreaded. It is just that if you had them back in time, there is a chance that you were infected.

4. You were suffering from sudden chills, muscle pain or a sore throat

The Coronavirus is a new disease and the possible list of symptoms has been growing consistently with each passing day. CDC has been adding symptoms after symptoms to the list and the new symptoms include sudden chills, muscle pain and sore throat.

Headache coupled with muscle pain and sore throat can be a few symptoms you may need to be worried about. If you had them in the past, and no more – perhaps you had COVID 19.

5. Did you notice strange rashes?

The strange rashes and multi-system inflammatory syndrome can be a few of the symptoms you would have noticed in your kids. If that has happened with you or your kids, you might perhaps have had COVID 19 already.

A few other symptoms associated with the rashes can include fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, and neck pain. If your children had anything of those, you could be one of the infected.

6. Consistent Diarrhoea?

Did you go through consistent cases of your stomach getting disturbed? That can be one of the symptoms of COVID 19 that has recently been included to the list of the possible symptoms. The American Journal of Gastroenterology recently claimed that diarrhoea can be one of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

If you have come into contact with a possible COVID 19 suspect, your stomach is likely to begin acting up. If you experienced the new onset of the issues, it should be a clear indication of your being affected by the disease.

7. You had Conjectivitis

It may appear too strange, but it can be one of the symptoms of Coronavirus. What makes it quite an ambiguous possibility lies in the fact that it does not necessarily indicate COVID 19 alone.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology indicates that coronavirus can spread through the eyes, just as it does through the mouth or nose. However, you need not panic just because you have a pink eye. Check with your eye care specialist and try zero in on the actual reasons.

Well, it is quite possible that you had been infected during the early days with COVID 19. If that was the case and you went unnoticed or non diagnosed back then, it is possible that you have developed immunity already.

But wait, you cannot be sure about that as yet. But, if you have had any indicators back in time, you may have a silver lining and might have been infected and developed antibodies in your body. But, even in that case – we advise you not to throw precautions to the wind.

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