A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hits San Francisco-

Saturday morning brought a piece of bad news to the San Francisco residents. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit the bay area. The incident occurred at 8.41 am.

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San Francisco Earthquake: Courtesy-weather.com

The US geological survey pointed that thee quake had the epicentre located at around one mile from the Daly City, two miles away from the southern San Francisco and at a distance of three miles for San Francisco and San Bruno. The trembles were felt at San Francisco, the East Bay, the North Bay and San Jose.

There have been no reports so far about any damage so far. The Fire department tweeted that “stations are unaffected and in service,”.

It may be interesting to note that there had been no earthquakes reported in the region since last 10 days. You would not be surprised to notice that earthquakes with magnitudes ranging between 3.0 and 4.0 occur in numbers ranging across 200 and 240 in the California and Nevada regions every year.

The last major earthquake in the San Francisco bay area was reported in 1989. Referred to as the famous Loma Prieta earthquake. The earthquake had resulted in 63 deaths, nearly 3,800 injuries, and an estimated $6 billion in property damage.

It should be noticed that the San Francisco Bay area is frequented by earthquakes and the USGS documentation claims that there are more than 1700 earthquakes happening in the area per year. Most of them tend to smaller in magnitude and are not normally felt.

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The 1906 Earthquake that hit San Francisco

The gruesome earthquake ever that hit San Francisco was in 1906. On the fateful day of April 18, the earthquake took just around a minute It caused several fires that kept the city burning for more than three days and gutted more than 500 city blocks. The city was entirely devastated and almost 3000 people were estimated killed.


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