A 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits Jamaica – Tremors felt as far as Miami

An earthquake of 7.7 magnitude hit at about 80 miles from Jamaica – between Jamaica and Cuba. The tremors shook the people in the Caribbean and even affected the population in areas as far as Miami. The after-effects induced a tsunami of around 0.4 feet at the Cayman Islands in Georg Town.

The earthquake had several aftershocks, one of them recording as high as 6.1. The quake hit the south of Cuba and to the northwest of Jamaica. The initial reports suggested no injuries or damages. However, the actual status and the after-effects of the quake will only be available after the analysis and a detailed report.

A 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits Jamaica - Tremors felt as far as Miami 48

The National Weather Service has stated that

“Based on all available data; there is no significant tsunami threat from this (6.1) earthquake. However, there is a very slight possibility of tsunami waves along coasts located nearest the epicenter,”

The quake had initially triggered the fears of Tsunami, but those threats eventually fizzled out. The epicenter of the earthquake was six miles under the surface, which meant no major threat. However, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a threat forecast and stated that the additional alerts might also be issued depending on the analysis.

The first tremors were felt at 2.10 am Eastern Time. Apart from Cuba, Jamaica, and Miami, a few other areas that were affected include the Bahamas, Haiti, and Honduras.

The month of December has been quite active one for the earthquakes in the Caribbean. It may be remembered that an earthquake hit Puerto Rico on December 28, which measured 4.7 magnitude.

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