Alexa vs Google Assistant – Which of them is smarter?

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have been working hard to bring you the best features. Who wins in the Alexa vs Google Assistant battle? Let us find out.

Well, you heard it right. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are still at war with each other – even in 2020. They have been vying with one another to get a place in your living room, your kitchen, and even your bedroom. Yes, we are talking about the AI assistants or the personal voice assistants from Amazon and Google.

So, if you are looking to find a winner in the Alexa vs Google Assistant battle, we would perhaps help you get access to the best possible comparison. Let us check out what is the difference between Google and Alexa.

Which is better – Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant?

That would be a really tricky question to answer. That is precisely because they work in the same manner and offer the same functionalities and are useful in the same places. We worked with them to find an answer and kept nudging them to find the best possible extraction of their capabilities.

alexa vs google assistant

While each of those two competing virtual assistants come with the same features and functionalities, each of them has their own set of advantages. Which is best voice assistant? The analysis here should ideally be helpful.

The Basic Features

Well, both of them come with the same features and functions. When you use Google Assistant with a Google Home device, it will work as an AI-Powered software. And when you use it on your phone, it works as a voice assistant.

Similarly, Alexa is the same technology from Amazon. It works with Amazon Echo Smart Speaker or Amazon Fire TV as a software. But what is the difference between Google and Alexa? Let us try to find out.

Smartness – Which is better Alexa or Google Assistant?

Is Alexa smarter than Google? Well, we found that both Google Assistant and Alexa exhibiting the same degree of smartness. However, in most areas, Google Assistant efficiently pips Amazon Alexa and even Siri in terms of smartness. Amazon Alexa has been catching up faster.

Google Assistant knows about almost anything, and you are less likely to come across some sort of response such as “I don’t know anything about it “. This has perhaps something to do with Google, which holds almost a huge search space on the Internet.

But, Amazon is more comfortable to summon it. You would find it more accessible and simple to call it, just say “Alexa” and the voice assistant will respond. In contrast, Google Assistant makes it a little difficult to make it work, “OK, Google” or even “Hey, Google” can be quite a mouthful.

Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant – The One to One Comparison

Voice Recognition

In terms of recognition of your voice, reliability is what should matter. Any need to repeat yourself or to have to rephrase your questions may not be something practical. Of course, a couple of instances would be fine, but a huge number of such repetitions would be something undesirable in a personal voice assistant.

But, both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa performed quite well in recognizing the commands in our tests. If you want to set more than one voice profile, both of them do help you do that either.

We found Google Assistant doing an excellent job in the context of adding multiple voice profiles. It can create personalized calendars and other details based on your voice profile.

Music Streaming

While both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant come with support for their own music services, they also offer support for third party services.

The support for third party music is almost similar – Amazon Alexa supports Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Gimme, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Serius, Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, and Vevo. On the other hand, Google Play Assistant does provide you access to Apple Music, Deezer,  iHeartRadio, Pandora, Serius, Spotify, TuneIn, and Google Play Music. You will also find support for YouTube Music.

The third-party integration is an ongoing exercise, and w would expect moe services being offered on either of the competing voice assistants.


This is an area that Google Assistant excels in. It provides you real-time and perfect navigation. Its capability in handling the real-time traffic and public transit is yet another excellent feature we found interesting.

Amazon Alexa, on the other hand, found it a little hard to provide adequate public transit information. Of course, it is getting improved, and we may see it edging Google Assistant or coming close to the performance quite soon.

Smart Home

Amazon Alexa moves ahead of Google Assistant in this sphere. It can connect with multiple devices and can do a lot more things than  Google Assistant. The specific Amazon Alexa skills are yet another huge option that makes it an excellent option for smart home applications.

Skills and actions

This is yet another area that Amazon Alexa completely takes over Google Assistant. The fact that it has over 100,000 third party skills should make it a powerhouse performer in that genre. An option to create your own skills and actins through the Alexa Blueprint feature should be yet another added advantage.

The way Google Assistant works is entirely different from what you would find on Alexa. It claims to feature more than a million actions, but the comparison with Alexa may not be easy. In fact, there is no an easy understanding available as in the case of Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant – A Comparison Chart

Well, based on the above discussion that we have had, it would be practical to check their abilities through a head to head chart.

Voice Assistant/ Features Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
Voice Recognition Poor Excellent
Music Excellent Good
Entertainment Excellent Fair
General Comprehension
and Information
Good Excellent
Food Ordering Excellent Excellent
Online Shopping Better experience
and control
Directions and Navigation Fair Excellent
Smart Home applications Excellent Good

In Conclusion

Well, the race is quite well fought. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, Amazon Alexa slightly edges out Google Assistant in a few features. In fact, the Amazon offering performs well in the communications and Smart Home management, thus making it an overall leader.

Who wins in the Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant battle for supremacy? In essence, it should finally boil down the specific preferences you may have. If you are looking for smart home assistance in a home with multiple people and the one that can offer a huge personal information manager, Google Assistant should be a way to go. On the other hand, if you are checking out the options of effective music and podcasting along with a great smart home experience, check out Amazon Alexa.

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