Amazing News – Microsoft brings Vista like Gadgets to Windows 11!

If you are fond of Windows 11 – of course, all of us have been – you may be looking for the best features that keeps updating from time to time. Windows 11 is bringing new features to Windows 11. You are now getting the gadgets that you were always used to on the erstwhile Windows Vista. Yes, you heard that right. Microsoft is bringing Windows gadgets back- well, we just hope you loved them back in the day.

Even when Windows 12 has been rumored to be available quite soonMicrosoft is still working on Windows 11 and has been providing updates that help improve the functionality of the operating system. The information that has been making rounds as of now is that Microsoft is considering bringing the Vista like gadgets to Windows 11. It is important to notice that widgets were removed on Windows 7 and subsequently on Window 10 due to security reasons.

What are Windows 11 Widgets?

If you have been using Windows 11 ever since it came up, you might have been using Windows widgets feature on your computers. Of course, some of us hate it, but still can’t live without it. The Windows Widget feature is similar to the gadgets feature that we have all used during the Windows Vista days. The only difference is that the widgets are locked to the left side of the screen and do not have the wide spread functionality that we have got used to on the Windows Vista system.

Microsoft is looking to bring the feature back to Windows 11. As per a few documents that went leaked recently indicate that the gadgets feature is making a comeback on Windows 11 wherein you will be able to pin widgets – some of them are likely to be from third parties – on your desktop.

How do Windows Widgets and Windows Gadgets?

As we already know, Windows Widgetsas we see them on Windows 11 are locked to one side of the screen. They cannot be moved, resized or customised. This is in sharp contrast to how Windows Vista Gadgets worked back in the days. As per the informmation leaked online, Microsoft is looking to re-introduce the gadgets feature in the upcoming updates.

If the leaks are to be believed, Microsoft will now allow users to pin widgets to the desktop and they can be accessed through the Widgets dashboard. Of course, it is highly unlikely that the name Windows Gadgets may make a comeback, but you are likley to have your favourite widgets always available, and visible on the screen. You will be able to interact with the widgets freely.

Another good news is that the widgets platform will now be open for the third-party developers and they will now be able to create their own widgets. Microsoft is planning to let third parties make use of the Microsoft’s Adaptive Cards platform for creating the desktop widgets.

When will Windows Widgets be made available?

Well, this is something still in wraps. Microsoft has not revealed when the new Windows widgets will be made available on Windows 11. Rumours suggest that they can be a part of the upcoming Windows 11 update.

Microsoft is also said to be in talks with the third party developers to support them plan, customise and create their own widgets. While the details are still not available, this can open up a huge possibility where users can customise the widgets and use them as per their preferences.

Windows widgets are receiving huge updates over the last year

It may be noticed that the Windows Widgets have been receiving huge updates over the past one year. Last year, it added the third party support to the Windows widgets.  This can open up the possibility for the developers to plan the third-party widgets more aggressively. This is a clear indicator to Microsoft plans.

In any case, we would be glued to the up to the Build 2023 developer conference for more details on the latest enhancements and developments to the Windows widgets. Let us see how will the future updates improve the ability to pin widgets on the desktop. In any case, for those Vista fans, Microsoft bringing windows vista-like gadgets to the Windows 11 platform should be a great news.

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