Call of Duty – The Gunfight set to get a Huge Change

The recently launched Gunfight mode on the Call of Duty in the new Modern Warfare has been widely popular enough. However, there were a few criticisms about the update. The 2v2 mode was actually criticised because of its longer loading time.

The Gunfight mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has only one complaint so far – that the games or rounds within this episode or mode are quite shorter in duration. Set to release on October 25, the gaming fans have been expecting the developers to offer a respite from their complaints.

We can perhaps hope for the positive news quite soon. The developers of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Following 2v2 Alpha and the response to it, have been contemplating on the possible addition of respawns. Currently, the Gunfight mode on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers you just one life in the rounds which makes it of considerably shorter duration. Gamers have been looking ahead to the possibility of having multiple lives and an ability to respawn.

The developers, Infinity Ward appear to be receptive of the idea and the concept behind the multiple lives and respawn options. Of course, they have not yet come up with anything specifically as yet, but Joe Cecot from Infinity Ward was a little forthcoming when he made a few comments when a Reddit user asked for the features.

On being asked by a Reddit user about whether the respawns be added to the platform, Joe Cecot commented that “We have some things.” That is not exactly what we would take as a confirmation of the availability of the feature, but would definitely indicate that the developers have been thinking over the feedback received and have been contemplating of taking some measures that would be helpful enough.

The response may be highly vague, but an indication that the developers have been listening to customer complaints. In fact, the time is quite ripe for the new developments as the new launch date for the update is nearing. Maybe we would be able to witness a few new and unique features by the time the update is released on October 25.

We would be looking ahead to the best options being made available in the near future as Infinity Ward and Activision take the appropriate steps n the direction of making the game more powerful and interesting. If reports coming from IW and Activision are to be believed, we are heading for one of the most refined Call of Duty games soon enough.

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  • My favorite was World at War. Best campaign in my opinion. Great multiplayer and Zombies mode. However it’s hacked to the max so don’t get it for its multiplayer or Zombies.

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