Can CBD oils cure Coronavirus? Scientists have diverse views

Can CBD oils cure Coronavirus? Maybe it will need much more evidence and a good deal of research until we can reach a conclusion.

With the Coronavirus pandemic taking a huge toll on our life and lifestyle over the past six months, there have been several attempts to find several cures for the deadly disease. Among those breakthroughs and allied studies, there have been buzz and hypes created by enthusiasts over the internet.

Can CBD oils cure Coronavirus

One such query and claim doing the rounds on the internet is the ability of CBD oils in curing Coronavirus in particular and any of the viruses in general. Is there any truth in this? Can CBD oils cure Coronavirus? Let us check out if CBD oils can protect you from Coronavirus or is it just a hype created by the internet community.

Can CBD Oils cure Coronavirus?

As things stand as of now, the only way to fight Coronavirus is to let the body fight it out naturally. There is no drug, vaccine, or any other means of protection or cure currently available. In fact, no studies have so far proved the existence of any option that can kill the virus.

The only option is to improve the immunity levels of your body so that the body retains its ability to fight the virus. The Coronavirus family has several of the variants, called strains, to which we humans do not have any immunity. The only solution is t develop immunity against the virus so that the spread of the disease can be curtailed. Called Herd immunity, this can ideally take years to develop. That is the right way it happens with almost every virus that belongs to the Coronavirus family. The drug being released these days can only help your body have the necessary strength to fight against the virus as much as possible.

Now coming to the claim that CBD oils can cure Coronavirus, there are no proofs to the studies as yet. Perhaps better research in the field can be the only right way to draw any concussions. In essence, we all know that smoking can further aggravate the condition. Doctors are of the opinion that smoking CBD oils can be a reason for an aggravated condition.

What do the claims say?

CBD oils have immunosuppressive qualities, and these have been considered to be the best fighters against infection. Experts working in the field assume that CBD can reduce the effect of the immune system’s response to the new infection. Thus CBD oils can reduce the impact of inflammation.

If you have a virus that uses the inflammation as a means to replicate, CBD oils can be effective in controlling the spread in some way. But, then – there is NO scientific evidence that suggests anything that can substantiate those claims. Also, we do not have any study conducted on the effect of CBD oils on this new strain of Coronavirus dubbed Novel Coronavirus. 

A few studies have appeared in the medical arena that suggest the effect of CBD in blocking some proteins that provide a gateway to the COVID-19 virus. However, the trick would be to extract the CBDs from the cannabis, and remove the concentration of THC, which produces a high.

Can CBDs prove effective in Diseases?

Well, that is something we cannot be sure. It should be noticed that no studies have been conducted on humans so far, and until that done, nothing substantial can be claimed about the effectiveness of CBD oils in curing Coronavirus.

There have been studies that have used the CBDs in medical treatments. It may be noticed that CBD oil is used in treating Alzheimer’s, and even in treating cancer. However, as for the Coronavirus or any other similar ailments – there have been no studies conducted so far about the efficiency of CBD oils.

Well, as for now – a lot of research needs to be done before it can be proved that CBD oils can help you cure Coronavirus. Until we have access to a stronger evidence, we would only be able to wait and watch.

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