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China builds the Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital in just under ten days!

While Coronavirus has been traced to its Chinese origins and the entire world is blaming China for spreading the disease, the nation has achieved something that the world would have appreciated otherwise. It has built an emergency Coronavirus hospital – and it has completed the construction in just under ten days!

The Xinhua state media has reported that the hospital has been built in the city of Wuhan, a central Hubei province and the epicentre of the disease. The hospital has already begun taking in the patients and has a capacity of 1000 beds.



The impressive time frame has been one of the reasons why the hospital and its construction is referred to as “mission impossible”. It is a makeshift hospital and will be staffed by over 1400 strong medical staff from the Chinese armed forces.

The plan for the hospital was completed within a span of five hours and the design was cleared in just under 24 hours. The construction involved huge logistical support that involved thousands of workers working with over 800 equipment.

As on 3rd February, China has recorded 361 deaths from the respiratory syndrome Coronavirus. There have been 17205 confirmed cases. Chinese officials also claimed that they have cured 328 cases so far.

The new hospital has been believed to be a replica of Xiaotangshan Beijing hospital. The hospital back in 2003 to treat SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) disease. The disease had killed around 774 people globally.

The construction of the hospital began on January 24 and involved more than 7000 people working day and night to complete the construction. It would be interesting to notice that the construction of the hospital was live-streamed through the Chinese official broadcasting services.

The new hospital is called Huoshenshan and is one of the two hospitals being built for containing the Coronavirus. The second one is called Leishenshan hospital and is likely to be completed by February 5.

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