Coronavirus Lockdown – Sale of Sex Toys increases in Columbia

Coronavirus has created havoc for all businesses around the globe. But there is one industry that has been booming. Sale of sex toys during lockdown has been rather impressive.

Coronavirus and the associated lockdowns have affected several economies around the world. A host of businesses have been going through a massive issue in terms of sustaining their businesses. But, there is one industry that has been making huge profits. At least in Columbia. Yes, the sale of sex toys has been soaring over the roof!

Yes, we are talking about the sale of sex toys. Columbia is under a five-week lockdown as part of the attempt by the government to curb the menace of Coronavirus. Almost every business in the country is in turmoil, except one unusual among them – the online sex toys industry. And that is something very strange and unique in an otherwise conservative nation.

sale of sex toys

Gerson Monje, who runs an online sex toys store, says he has been able to deliver products to his customers amid the national lockdown. “Sales started going up on day four of the quarantine,….We’ve seen a rise of 50%.” he says, flashing his cellphone that reads “sold out ” on a huge number of products he sells on his online store.

And he is not alone. Reuters carried a story wherein they talked to at least six online sex toys stores in Columbia, all of whom claimed that they had witnessed a huge growth in the sales of their products. The country will be under lockdown till April 27 as per the orders placed as of now.

Psychologists have an explanation for an upsurge. They believe sex toys play an essential role in letting people have a positive impact on their life, and thus lets them “keep up their spirits up” as the psychologist Dr. Carolina Guzman stated.

Is the boom in sale of sex toys unique to Columbia?

The behaviour is not unique to Columbia alone. Denmark is yet another country that has found the same trend. It witnessed the growth of the sale of sex toys doubled before the isolation measures were put in place. Bogota also found one of its popular online store Inside the Sex Sense sex shop picking up a huge sale post lockdown.

A similar state was observed in New Zealand as well, which is under a one-month lockdown. As soon as the lockdown was announced on March 25, the sale of sex toys to have tripled within a span of 48  hours. The New Zealand based Adult Toy Megastore claimed that “It definitely looks like people are saying: ‘I’ve got time, I might try something new.’” The store was allowed to continue functioning during the lockdown because it sells condoms and other medical items.

Even India experienced a boom in sex toys sale. As per a report in an Indian daily, the demand for sex toys has witnessed a growth of up to 10 to 15 per cent.

So, the million-dollar question that has now begun bothering the administrators is whether this boom in the sale of sex toys will result in a baby boom! But, hopefully, the impending economic slow down may keep most of the people away from opting for that end result.

Well, hopefully. But then… accidents do happen, right?

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