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Coronavirus Real Story – A few Questions answered to bust the myths about Coronavirus

What is the Coronavirus real story? Is Coronavirus reinfection possible? What do we need to know about Coronavirus? We tried answering a few questions.

Rewind to just a few months ago. Something known today as COVID 19 or Novel Coronavirus was never known to the medical fraternity. To science. To anyone in the world.


coronavirus real story

And now- fast forward to the current time. The entire world is talking about Coronavirus. But do we really know it as it is expected to? What is the Coronavirus real story?

No, we are not unearthing a new sci-fi story, or a conspiracy theory about Coronavirus either. We just want to talk a little about the disease that the world is talking about and try to answer a few questions about the dreaded disease that has brought the world as a whole on its knees.

Q1 – What is Coronavirus Real Story – How does it Spread?

Coronavirus is spread by the virus SARS-CoV-2. The disease has infected over 222,000 people globally and has killed around 9000 of them. And yes, we are talking about the confirmed cases here. We aren’t sure about how many cases go unreported and undetected.

The disease spreads through the Droplets of bodily fluids – such as saliva or mucus – from an infected person. When the virus through these means reaches the nose, eyes, or mouth of another person, the person ends up getting infected with COVID 19.

There may be other means through which the virus may transmit itself. There have been no studies conducted in this realm. Experts have also indicated the possibility of spread of the disease through faeces.

Q2 – Is Coronavirus Airborne?

That has been one of the most frequently asked questions. The studies so far have not proved anything about how long the virus can linger in the air. However, Coronavirus is not airborne, as in the case of illnesses such as measles.

The virus is unlikely to stay in the air for hours together. The virus can linger in the air for some time. And that ould be dependent on certain conditions. We are not sure what this duration would be and what these conditions are. We assume that it will stay in the air for a few moments once the infected person sneezes or coughs. Studies have shown that there has been no evidence of any aerosolized coronavirus particles in the hospital rooms of Covid-19 patients.

Q3 – What are Coronavirus Early symptoms?

Coronavirus can reach a colossal health condition within 14 days of affecting you. Do note that the symptoms of Coronavirus closely resemble common cold or flu.

The common symptoms of Coronavirus would include the following –

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

The other symptoms can manifest themselves in the following manner –

  • Tiredness
  • Aches
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat

It may also be noticed some of the patients may not exhibit any symptoms at all.

Q4 – Coronavirus vs flu symptoms – Things you need to know

Like we already have understood, Coronavirus and flu have almost similar symptoms. The patients with flu will experience the situation within one to four days. The symptoms of COVID 19 can take as long as 14 days.

Check out the symptoms here –

Symptoms COVID 19 Flu
Fever Common Common
Shortness of breath Common Only at times
Respiratory problems Common Only at times
Headaches Occasional Common
Sore throat Common Occasional
Runny Nose Not Always Maybe at times
Body Aches Common Only at times
Dry Cough Common Rare

Q5 – What is Coronavirus Mortality rate?

The morality is of Coronavirus is around 1 per cent. There have been talks about a much higher mortality rate of Coronavirus, but general studies suggest it hovering around 1 per cent. However, the WHO estimates the Coronavirus mortality rate to be around 3.4 per cent.

However, it should be noticed that the mortality rate from WHO is based on the number of deaths and the number of confirmed cases. Given the fact that there are many cases which are mild and go unnoticed, we expect a much lower mortality rate.

Q6 – Is Coronavirus slowing down?

Well, not really. While governments around the world are downplaying it, the Coronavirus real story speaks something else. Though we do not want to create a fear psychosis, it is a fact that COVID 19 has infiltrated into every aspect of our lives. We have been witnessing it be difficult to control. However, the end may not come anywhere near – at least a couple of months to come.

The Coronavirus has been growing to become a pandemic. Unless people act wisely and learn to undertake precautionary measures, the future does look a little bleak.

Well, those were a few questions that all of you may have been looking to find answers for. We thought of answering them for the benefit of the general public.

Do note that we are NOT medical professionals and will not suggest any specific guidelines. We have attempted to downplay the unnecessary rumours being spread about the dreaded disease. Consult the qualified professionals for a thorough understanding. Understand the Coronavirus real story and take precautions to control the disease.

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