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Coronavirus Update – Can you get Coronavirus Twice?

There have been a few reports suggesting people getting infection twice. Is it possible to contract reinfection? Here are is our Coronavirus update.

The number of people getting contracted with Coronavirus has been growing consistently. The total number of infected people globally stands at a whopping 136, 400! The pandemic has been virtually reaching greater heights, and there seems to be no respite anywhere shortly. In our series of Coronavirus update that we have been providing to our readers, we will today discuss one more major concern people have been looking at.

coronavirus update

Can you get Coronavirus twice? There have been reports of people being reinfected by Coronavirus a second time after being cured. These reports have been arriving from regions such as Japan, South Korea, and China. In fact, there has been no vaccine or medicine detected so far, while there have been widespread reports about cures, like this one about the Thai doctors inventing a powerful medicine.

Can you get Coronavirus Twice once cured?

As of today, in the Coronavirus update, there have been around 5000 death reported on account of Covid 19. The experts in the field of antibiotics and virology claim that once a patient is infected and cured, they will develop a sort of antibody, and this should provide protection against the reinfection from the virus.

However, there has been no clear consensus on how long this immunity will last. Like Li QinGyuan, director of pneumonia prevention and treatment at China Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing has recently stated it,

“However, in certain individuals, the antibody cannot last that long,…For many patients who have been cured, there is a likelihood of relapse.”

Many health officials have been blaming it on the inaccuracies of the test than being actual reinfection. However, there has been an alarming number of patients -especially in China, who have been observed to have been affected by Coronavirus after being reportedly cured and discharged.

Los Angeles Times carried a report of around 100 reports of patients who had been released from the hospital have reported positive once again a second time. A host of these cases have been from mainland China. A 36 year old died after being released by the health officials claiming that he has been cured. The Guangdong province health officials have reported at least 14 percent of the people who had recovered from having been retested positive.

There was also the case of a Japanese tour guide who complained of chest pain, and sore throat was reported positive a second time. She was first tested positive in January and was discharged in February after she showed the signs of recovery.

The doctors and experts have been refuting the claims of reinfection. Like Keiji Fukuda, director of Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health says, there is no chance of reinfection unless your immune system has stopped working properly.

The reasons for the retests turning positive have been one too many. Doctors claim that testing errors would have been one of the reasons where you would find reinfection claims. Yet another reason being claimed for the growth of Coronavirus reinfection is the premature discharge of the patients by the hospitals.

Coronavirus Update – Do you need to worry?

Well, the above have been just the news reports, and there has been no scientific study as yet about the actual reinfection possibility. There can be several reasons for these reinfections incidents.

To begin with, the tests themselves may have been incorrect. You should remember that no test can be considered foolproof and accurate to the core. This should, perhaps explain why multiple tests should be the norm.

Yet another critical point that the hospitals and medical experts should pay attention would be to ensure that they have reconfirmed the cure before discharging an infected patient. Tests may show negative even when the patient is carrying the virus. That would again call for multiple tests to be sure.

The next possible explanation can be a weaker immune system. How long you would be immune to the virus should ideally be dependent on how strong your immune system. That is perhaps why experts have been suggesting ways to enhance and improve your immune system. One of the excellent options to do that would be to consume vitamin C rich foods and fruits.

In essence, there have been several reports of people who have been reported to have been infected twice. But, until any scientific research substantially proves it, we assume it to be an error on the part of the tests, and not precisely a reinfection. Unless you have a weaker immune system as a result of some other reason, we see no reason to believe that you can have Coronavirus twice.

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