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Coronavirus Vaccine Update – Research on vaccine moves ahead in China and US

The dreaded Coronavirus pandemic has been creating huge havoc around the globe. What is the Coronavirus vaccine update currently available? We will check out the latest developments.

Is there a vaccine for Coronavirus? That is one of the questions all of us have been searching an answer for since quite long. If you are looking for the latest Coronavirus vaccine update, you perhaps have a piece of good news coming your way….

Well, as luck would have it, the efforts for the Coronavirus vaccine appear to be in for a piece of good news. If the reports are to be believed, at least three vaccines for the dreaded virus appear to be in the pipeline for making a fast progress. The three vaccines are in the early stages of testing on human volunteers.

Coronavirus vaccine update


What are the updates on Coronavirus Vaccine?

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology in China, CanSino Biologics has already moved onto the second phase of its testing for the vaccine candidate that it has been developed. There is yet another Coronavirus vaccine under development by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. in the US.  The person who was given the first test dose last month was given a second dose on Tuesday. Doctors have reported no serious concerns as of now. That should ideally be the best news in current times where we have been forced to keep listening to adverse reports of the dreaded disease and the havoc that it has been creating.

However, the actual good news may need to wait for a while as of now. The more extensive phase of the testing is expected to begin in June. That should be a considerably huge period of time given the seriousness that the pandemic has been creating on almost a daily basis.

There is one more vaccine in development and is the brainchild of  Inovio Pharmaceuticals. The first stage tests were completed in the US last week, and now the company expects to move to the second stage of testing in China.

Is there any other Coronavirus Vaccine Update available?

Well, yes. According to WHO, there have been at least five dozens of different vaccines currently in different stages of development. Though there is no specific information available about all these vaccines ad their composition, a host of these research agencies have been working together in groups to offer you access the best possible development ever.

Sanofi and Glaxo SmithKline have been the latest entrants in this list of the pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacturing of the Coronavirus vaccine.

However, out of the 70 different vaccines currently under development in different stages of development, only three have moved ahead to the stage of active clinical trials.

It is quite evident that the scientists around the world have been working tirelessly towards developing the vaccine for Coronavirus. Equally commendable is the bold decision of the volunteers who have readily joined the bandwagon in your fight against the Coronavirus.

There are over 500 volunteers who have been assisting the scientists and researchers in this journey of fighting the dreaded disease.

The vaccine developed by CanSino is based on a genetic shot it had created to fight against yet another dreaded disease Ebola. The US firms and scientists, on the other hand, have been opting for copies of the Coronavirus’ genetic code.

In any case, we are looking ahead to the Corona vaccine quite soon. The signs as they stand here would ideally be a proof to the best possibility ever for an improved chance of finding a vaccine by June end.

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