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Can you get Car Insurance without Drivers License?

Getting Car Insurance without Drivers license can be quite hard, but isn't impossible. You can check out several options to get Car Insurance without Drivers License.

That is perhaps one of the common questions that you tend to come across quite frequently. Can you get car insurance without drivers license? The possible answer in all circumstances would be an emphatic NO. If the insurance companies do allow it, they would be going against the law. However, there are a few other options available such as assigning someone as co-owner, registering yourself as an excluded driver and assigning a primary driver.

Get Car Insurance without Drivers License

It is as simple as that – If you have no drivers license, you cannot ride or drive a vehicle (as the case may be). If the insurance companies allow you to get car insurance without a drivers license, they are violating the government guideline.

But, there are a few situations, where it may be needed to get car insurance without a drivers license.

Why and How to Get Car Insurance Without Drivers License?

Many insurance companies have begun realising the need for these situations. That is perhaps there have been a few cases where you can get car insurance without driver license.

Imagine a situation where you are a car owner and do not necessarily drive the vehicle. Maybe you are a driver who has been prohibited from driving for some or the other reason. Or maybe you have been prohibited from driving a vehicle due to a health condition or perhaps an offence. However, even these people need to have some sort of cover.

Under ideal conditions, you can get such policies as temporary documents. These would serve as an option for a temporary period and serve only a specific purpose. Usually, the car insurance providers do not renew these car insurance policies without drivers license.

Why get car insurance without license?

You would perhaps think if I am not driving, why should I get car insurance. Maybe you are right in certain cases. But it isn’t a universal truth. Some regions make it mandatory to get your car insured if you want to register your car. Moreover, a few reasons would make it compulsory and illegal to park r drive a car that has not been insured.

Those legal obligations apart, there are a few other reasons that would make it mandatory to get car insurance without license. Some of the prime reasons we would recommend for opting for car insurance without drivers license would include

  • Hooliganism and Damage – There are several reasons your car may be damaged. It may be human vandalism. It may also be because of the conditions due to weather. A car insurance would be helpful in those situations.
  • Other driver at home – While you may not drive, someone else from your family may be driving. This can be why you need a car insurance as unlicensed driver.
  • Suspended Licence – This is another reason that can make it a good option to obtain car insurance without drivers license.
  • Theft Protection – Car insurance will provide you access to protection against theft and the reimbursement for any of the damages.

How to Get Car Insurance without Drivers License?

Well, we are now aware of the reasons as to why you should go for a car insurance without drivers license, the prime question now is how to get car insurance without drivers license. There are a few options that prove to to be handy enough in this situation.

Mark Yourself as an Excluded Driver
If you are under the age of 14 or 15 years, you can register yourself as an excluded driver. Many of the insurance companies make it mandatory to opt for excluded driver in your insurance policy.

Please note that if you get an insurance in this way and drive your car, you would be in for trouble. The penalties charged would be equivalent to driving without insurance.

List Someone as Sole or Primary Driver
An insurance policy would need a primary driver to be listed on it. If you have excluded yourself as the driver, you would definitely need to assign someone else as the primary driver.

Please note that assigning someone else other than you as a primary driver can affect the costs or premium charges on your insurance policy. While in normal cases, the condition and location of the car will decide the insurance amount and premiums, the charges would also be dependent on the driver’s experience and driving history.

List Someone as Co-Owner
If you do not have a license, you would need to have someone else who has a license. Confused? Well, you can list someone else as the co-owner of the car. As long as he or she has a driving license, you should not have any issues getting a car insurance even when you have no license.

Just ensure that you trust the person you are trying to enlist as the co-owner and the person is willing to be added as a co-owner. Adding someone as co-owner can incur a nominal fee and include a little paperwork. Just ensure that you check the credentials of the person you are registering as co-owner. It can turn out to be quite risky at times.

Get a Comprehensive only Insurance
This insurance is also known as Parked car Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance or Non-collision Insurance. This would provide assistance in the form of an insurance for a parked car instead of a car being driven.

It would cover a car insurance for a car that has been lying idle in the driveway or a street. In fact, since you are trying to get a car insurance without drivers license, this should be one of the excellent options you would prefer. Almost every insurance company offers you comprehensive insurance without a drivers license.

It can be quite difficult to get car insurance without drivers license. However, it should not necessarily mean it is impossible to get one. There can be several reasons that can necessitate the requirement for a insurance without drivers license. The tips we shared above should ideally be helpful for you in getting access to the best possible solutions in acquiring the insurance without a license.

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