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How to Disinfect Gadgets during COVID-19 Outbreak?

The Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay at least until one more year. How to disinfect gadgets that you use during these testing times? We let you know howw.

The dreaded Coronavirus has spread all through the globe as if it is a wild fire. Perhaps we have no respite from the virus for a considerable foreseeable time. With hundreds of new cases being detected in almost every city around the world, it has been important to maintain your hygiene, and perhaps that of the things that you frequently handle. That is precisely why we are trying to find out how to disinfect gadgets that you frequently use.

How to disinfect your gadgets then? The best option is to clean your phone and other gadgets at least once in a day. DO NOT SPRAY cleaners or disinfectants onto your gadgets directly. 

Using a mobile sanitiser would be an excellent option. You can find a wide range of mobile sanitisers that can prove to be handy enough. They are available at affordable prices.

how to disinfect gadgets

Researches have proved that mobile phones and keyboards are dirtiest items ever. It has been proved beyond doubt that mobiles are seven times dirtier than a toilet seat. Since these tend to be a few of the frequently touched devices almost on a daily basis, it is extremely important that we keep them disinfected. The mobile phones, computer keyboards, remotes and similar devices come under the category of frequently touched devices and if you want to stay safe from the infection, it is quite essential that you need to understand how to disinfect your gadgets in a more efficient way.

How to Disinfect Gadgets – A few Suggestions

Well, the COVID-19 virus can stay on the surfaces and the scientists are not sure about how long it can stay on certain surfaces. However, it is assumed that viruses under normal categories live on surfaces such as metal, glass, and plastic for around nine to ten days. That is perhaps what makes it essential to sanitise or disinfect your gadgets as frequently as possible.

How to disinfect your gadgets? A few of the tips here should ideally be helpful enough.

How to disinfect your phone

  1. Make sure you clean your phone or tablet at least once every day. A simple wipe with the microfiber cloth should be enough.
  2. A disinfectant that has around 70 per cent of isopropyl alcohol can be sprayed on a soft cloth and used for cleaning your gadgets.
  3.  Make sure that the cloth you use is lintfree so that you will not end up leaving the pluff on your phone.
  4. Avoid using products that are abrasive in nature. They can damage the screen or other surfaces.
  5. Wipe your phone and other devices whenever you have charged it in any other locations other than your home. This will help you keep the phone free from bacteria and virus. It would be ideal to use anti bacterial wipes.
  6.  Ensure you have cleaned the other areas apart from the screen that includes buttons, ports and other parts.
  7.  If your phone has a waterproof rating, it would be a good idea to keep your phone in a bowl of water for a brief period. However, consult the manufacturer or service centre before you that.
  8. Never get any liquid near phone. You may end up damaging your phone really badly.

How to disinfect your keyboard?

  1. Just hold your keyboard upside down and shake it rather vigorously. This should make all the dirt fall away.
  2. There are a few good keyboard cleaning gels. They suck away germs and debris.
  3. You can even use a can of compressed air to clean up your keyboard.
  4. Take a soft cloth and dip it inside the isopropyl alcohol. This cloth can now be used to wipe off the keys.

Well, those were a few tips that should help you keep your phone or other gadgets cleaner enough. However, you need not be incessantly cleaning it after every use. Unless you have come into contact with someone infected, it may not be necessary to have a serious cleaning regime. Of course, you can keep cleaning it as per your normal regime.

And finally, never ever lend your phone to anyone. It would also be a great option to avoid using the phone in close contact with your phone. Using headphones or Bluetooth devices would further be a great choice.

The key to avoiding getting infected by COVID-19 is to follow the best possible sanitisation options. If you are able to achieve this, you would have nothing to worry about your gadgets or these gadgets transmitting the disease to you.

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