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How to make Homemade Hand Sanitiser?

Looking for the best options on how to make homemade hand sanitiser? The tips here would be helpful for you.

The Coronavirus spread has been a very risky one and it has indeed been quite difficult to get your daily supplies. Getting the right supplies for the hand sanitiser and face masks has become too difficult. From that perspective, it can be quite important to learn the art of how to make homemade hand sanitiser.

Why do you need Homemade Hand Sanitiser?

COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus has been observed to be extremely contagious and can spread even through a casual touch. The infected person can spread it through a handshake or any sort of such physical contact. The best option to stay safe in those circumstances can be to wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. The hand sanitiser can help you kill the germs with a few instants.

homemade hand sanitiser


But, the aftermath of the declaration of Coronavirus as a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020 – the chemist shops have run out of sanitisers. Some of them have begun selling them at high prices. That is perhaps where a homemade hand sanitiser would be an excellent option.

Is it okay to go with Homemade hand sanitiser?

Well, the prime benefit of the homemade hand sanitiser is that you do not go out of your house to get a sanitiser. You would be able to prepare your hand sanitiser right away. You will be able to add the ingredients as per your preference and liking which should be yet another added advantage.

You can have access to several other advantages of using a homemade hand sanitiser. However, it does have a few disadvantages as well. To begin with, it is not lab tested and may not have all the relevant ingredients in the stipulated percentage. It may or may not be capable of killing the Novel Coronavirus.

In any case, the handwashing should ideally help you kill most of the germs and stay safer.

How to make Homemade Hand Sanitiser?

Well, we have one of the best methods to help you make homemade hand sanitiser with ease. Let us check them one by one.

  • 10 drops of 100% lavender oil
  • 100 ml of high-proof vodka
  • 30 drops of 100% tea tree oil
  • 5-10 drops of Vitamin E oil
  • 30 ml of Aloe Vera gel
Method –
  • First add all the oils and then mix the alcohol into it.
  • Swirl the mixture together completely.
  • Next, add Aloe Vera gel and mix it thoroughly.

Transfer the content into two sterilised bottles. Make sure to paint it. This will ensure that the essential oils are not exposed to light.

When to use Hand wash and Hand sanitiser?

You need not use hand sanitiser every time you want to clean your hands. Ideally speaking, Hand sanitiser CANNOT and SHOULD NOT replace a Hand Wash.

Here are the major differences between Hand Wash and Hand sanitiser –

Hand Wash Hand Sanitizer
Wash for 20 seconds to wash away germs Rub hands with sanitizer to clean up hands
Wash hands frequently whenever water is available To be used when soap and water is not available
Hand wash removes germs efficiently if they are dirty Sanitisers are capable of killing germs
You need soap and water to use them These are easy to use and simple

Well, that was how to make homemade hand sanitiser. Having the best option of handmade hand sanitiser can be one of the excellent options in cases where you are travelling or facing a shortage of water for any reason, this DIY method can be an excellent option for the best homemade hand sanitiser. 

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