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How to Tie a Tie – The easy and best guides for the 3 most popular Tie Knots

How to tie a tie - that is the prime concern for most of us men. The tips and tricks here should help you achieve exactly the best manly design possible. Or at least, we are trying to do something on those lines.

Are you looking to exude that powerful manliness? Are you looking to signal the power you wield in a subtle manner?

how to tie a tie

Are you on a business trip and want to showcase that trust? Or maybe you are just attempting to improve your approachability. In every one of those situations, you need to learn one basic thing – HOW TO TIE A TIE, and half of your work is done!

How to Tie a Tie – A Million Dollar Question

It is a sad fact that most men do not know how to tie a tie. And a few who know it, have been content with a straightforward knot. If you belong to any of those categories, you need not fret. We are here to share a few tips on how to tie a tie easily.

Follow the tutorials here and learn how to tie a tie step by step.

# 1 The Simple Knot

Also known as the Oriental knot, this has been the widely used tie knot. It can be one of the best tie knots you can go with if you are looking for that smaller knot.

The style dates back to the 1940s. It should be the best option for tying a tie if you have a skinny tie.

The Steps

how to tie a tie


  • Drape the tie on your neck. Make sure the orientation of the tie is proper.
  • The wide end should be longer and to your left.
  • Move wide end to the right UNDER the smaller end.
  • Now, bring it again to the left OVER the small end.
  • Next, bring the wide end through the loop formed in the previous step.
  • Pull the wide end down through the knot you just created.
  • Tighten the know end the neck level and adjust it properly.

#2 The Windsor Knot

If you have been a James Bond fan and have loved Sean Connery donning the role, you have seen it. The Windsor or full Windsor knot has been one of the most popular tie knots ever.

The Windsor Knot does not have anything to do with the Duke of Windsor. However, the public wanted to imitate his style of tie knots and invented what is today known as the Windsor Knot. It can be an excellent option for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

Let us learn how to tie a Windsor Knot -

The Steps


  • Drape the tie on your shoulder as in the case of the Oriental Knot.
  • Make sure the wide end is to your left, and the small end is to the right.
  • The wide end should be longer as in the previous style.
  • Cross over the wide end over the narrow end.
  • Pass the wide end under the narrow end and from the loop between the tie and your collar.
  • Bring the wide end all the way down.
  • Bring the wide end behind the narrow end and towards the right.
  • Pull the wide end again through the loop.
  • Next, wrap the wide end around the triangle by pulling it from right to left.
  • Now, bring the wide end once again through the loop - a third time - and pull it through the knot all the way down.
  • Adjust the knot and center it.

Utterly confusing, right? You can master the art either through the image above or through this video -

#3 Four In Hand Knot

This is known as a Schoolboy Tie Knot for obvious reasons. It is one of the most widely used knot styles because of the ease and simplicity that it comes with. The tie knot is extremely simple and highly versatile. It can be used in practically all situations.

If you prefer casual collars, the Four in a Hand tie knot should be best to go with them. It appears really great in non-tuxedo situations.

The Steps

  • Drape the tie over your shoulder.
  • Ensure the wide end is longer and on the left.
  • Make sure that the wide end is at least 4 to 5 inches lower.
  • Cross the wide end in front of the narrow end.
  • Wrap it around the narrow end from behind and coss horizontally from left to right.
  • Pull the wide end up and from the back of the loop.
  • Hold the front of the knot with your finger and bring the wide end through the knot.
  • Tighten the knot and adjust it to the center.

Well, we would assume we have been of some assistance in learning how to tie a tie easily enough. The illustrations and how to tie a tie video above should help you gain an easy understanding.






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