How to turn off Google Assistant on your phone?

While Google Assistant is an excellent option for communicating with your smartphone or even other smart devices, you may want to turn off Google Assistant on your devices. There are specific reasons that may make you want to turn off Google Assistant. The tips here would be helpful in getting it done right away!

Google Assistant is perhaps one of the best things that have happened to us on our Android devices. Of course, it is available on other platforms as well, but the seamless integration with a native Android ecosystem makes it all the more powerful. Useful it is in moe than on ways, but there are times when you may find it too annoying and looking for the ways to discover how to turn off Google Assistant.

turn off google assistant


It can come up all of a sudden when it is least needed. It can just pop up when you are doing something important and urgent. The best option you can choose under such situations is to turn off Google Assistant on your phone.

So, how to turn Google Assistant off? Well, there are multiple ways you can get it done. You can either turn off Google Assistant altogether on your device or choose to disable it temporarily. If you are wondering how do you turn off Google Assistant, read on to know more. In fact, rather than turning it off entirely, there are several options to tweak its settings so that it does not bother you when not needed.

How to turn off Google Assistant Completely?

This can actually be a drastic step, but there are some of us who are not comfortable with Google Assistant or have the least liking for it. Or maybe they are using other personal voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and do not want to have two different services on the same device.

How do you turn off Google Assistant completely on your Android phone? Here are the simple steps you can follow. However, do note that the settings are deeply hidden and finding them may not be really easy. The tips here should assist in how to turn off Google Assistant completely.

  • Launch Google Assistant on your phone. Have a good look as this will be the last time you will launch it until you decide to enable it again!
  • Tap on the compass icon at the bottom right.
  • Locate your profile icon at the top right and tap on it.

  • Choose the option Settings from the context menu
  • Next, tap Assistant tab Scroll down to find the tab Assistant Devices.
  • Tap on the device that you want to turn off Google Assistant for.

  • In the next screen, turn off the toggle against Google Assistant

That does it. You have successfully turned off Google Assistant on the particular device. You can repeat the procedure for all other devices on which you want to turn off Google Assistant.

How to configure custom settings on Google Assistant?

Maybe there are times when you do not want to turn off Google Assistant altogether on your device. It may be possible that you are annoyed only because of a few features while you are indeed in awe of the best features that it has on offer for you.

You can easily tweak the Google Assistant setting to meet your custom requirements. Please note that the interface we will be discussing here may be different on different devices.

Follow these steps –

  • Go to your device settings. The exact methods to do it will be dependent on your device model and manufacturer. Ideally, look for the Settings app in your app drawer and tap it.
  • Next, go to Apps. Depending on your device, the option may also be named as Installed Apps or Apps Manager. 
  • Tap the three-dot hamburger menu at the top right and choose Default Apps. 

  • Locate Device Assistance. On some device models, it may be named as Voice Assistant.

You should find several options to tweak your Google Assistant settings. However, the exact options available would be dependent on your device model, custom skin and the manufacturer.

Well, that was how you could turn off Google Assistant on your Android phone, or for that matter any Android device. Still in doubt? Ask us, and we will help you out!

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