How to use Google Meet – Here are the steps to set up Google Meet easily!

How to use Google Meet? If that is what you ae confused about, the tips here should perhaps be helpful for you in understanding it better.

In today’s scenario where work from home has become something quite a standard, the tools that assist in achieving the task have become most sought after. When it comes to online meetings and virtual collaborations, Zoom has had an initial success. However, of late, Google Meet has arrived as a perfect alternative to Zoom.

The Meeting software from the tech giant has been made available for free for all the users for personal use. In fact, Google has been attempting to cash in on the requirements of the working class in the video chatting space. The premium video conferencing service from the brand, Google Meet, has now been made free for everyone. Previously available only as part of G Suite for the premium consumers, the online meeting platform is now open for all users making it a strongest competitor to Zoom.

How to use Google Meet?

We have been using Google for a wide range of applications already. Most of us have Google account, and that should make it obvious that you would have access to Google Meet (or for that matter, any Google service) much easily. If you do not have a Google account, creating it is rather simple.

Once you create your Google account, accessing Google Meet is as good as installing an app or accessing a web portal. Under ideal conditions, Google Meet free version is designed to offer you 60 minutes of a meeting, but Google has stated that this restriction will not be implemented until Sept 30, 2020.

The steps involved in how to use Google Meet can be as or the following steps –

  1. Go to on your browser. You may also install the app on your phone. The apps are available for both iOS and Android.
  2. If you are starting a new meeting, click on Stary a meeting. If you have been invited to join a meeting, you would need to enter the meeting ID received.

3. Provide permissions to use microphone and camera.

4. That should do it. You have launched the meeting and get access to meeting ID

5. Share the meeting ID with everyone you want to join the meeting. You can share the meeting code through instant messengers, SMS or any other mode.

That was it. Well, you have successfully created a meeting with Google Meet. If you have received a request for joining a meeting, you can simply enter the code and join the meeting.

Is Google Meet Free?

Google Meet is free for everyone who has a Google Account. You can invite up to 100 participants to a meeting. The duration of a single meeting would last up to 60 minutes if you are on a free account. If you want to continue beyond 60 minutes, you need to go with a premium plan. However, the restrictions of 60 minutes will not be applicable till Sept 30, 2020. As of now, users can hold meetings on Google Meet for 24 hours without restrictions.

How do I download Google Meet?

Google Meet can be used on your browser as you would use any other website. You just need to visit the portal to begin using your Google Meet service. However, if you are looking to use it on your phone, you have ways for that as well.

Google Meet app is available both on Android and iOS. Depending on your smartphone operating system, you can either visit Google Play Store  or Apple App Store.

Google has been considering a huge redesign for Gmail in view of the upcoming Google Cloud Conference and is looking to integrate Gmail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet into one platform. The feature is set to roll out for all the G Suite customers later this year.

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