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How to use Pulse Oximeter – Check whether you have cold or COVID -19

Pulse Oximeter has become one of the common options in these days of COVID-19 to test your health status sitting in the comforts of your home. We will try to understand what is a Pulse Oximeter and how to use Pulse Oximeter for measuring your blood oxygen levels.

What is a Pulse Oximeter and how to use Pulse Oximeter? That is what makes a lot of sense in current times.

Well, in these harrowing times where most of us have been locked at home, we are all worried about how to tell the differences between a cold, allergies, flu or any other health status that is accompanied by fever and coughing.

Are you are someone who is checking out an option that can be helpful in checking your health status from the comforts of your home so that you need not visit the hospital unless it is indeed an emergency? Well, let us check what a Pulse Oximeter is and how to use Pulse Oximeter.

Of course, we are not suggesting you to stay home if you are not well. However, opting for some options that you would be comfortable doing at home is what we suggest you opt for, before visiting a hospital.

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A Pulse Oximeter is one of the best tools that can be used for measuring the oxygen levels in the blood. Keeping an eye on the blood oxygen levels can indeed be quite helpful. In fact, a low oxygen levels in the blood can be an indication that something is wrong with the functioning of your lungs. It could be due to a bad viral infection or even a serious condition such as COVID-19.

how to use pulse oximeter


You can check the oxygen levels in the blood using a pulse oximeter. In fact, a Pulse Oximeter should be a great choice fr a non-invasive, painless and an extremely affordable options to record your blood oxygen levels.

The pulse oximeter sends two different wavelengths of light through the patient’s body to a photo detector. This will then measure the absorbency levels of oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood. The test does not take more than a few seconds and you are ready with the results of your blood oxygen levels. The readings should help you take a call on whether you need to get in touch with medical professionals or can recuperate at home.

How to use Pulse Oximeter?

Well, most of the Pulse Oximeters available today come with a battery operated functionality and are clamped on a finger for measuring your blood oxygen level. You need not worry about the pain or any sort of infection as there is no pricking with a needle or similar object involved.

Do note that the pigments on your fingers or the contact surfaces would prevent the proper reading. Fingernail polish, ink, paint, or henna are a few examples that can prevent you from getting a proper and accurate reading. Ensure that you have removed all these pigments before measuring the blood oxygen levels using the Pulse Oximeter.

You should also ensure that you are still when using the Oximeter. Movement of any sort will interfere with the proper functioning of the Oximeter.

The measurement will give you a measure of peripheral capillary oxygen saturation which is commonly referred to as SP02. A SP02 level below 95 per cent is not normal. In fact, a level below 94 per cent would ideally mean a condition called hypoxemia. You would find such a condition among the patients of chronic vascular, cardiac, or pulmonary conditions (like asthma and COPD). If you have a blood oxygen level of 95 and above, it would be normal and you no longer need to worry.

Do remember that a hypoxemia condition can be quite detrimental for your well-being. If you suspect a situation of that nature, it may be ideal to check out the option of consulting your physician for further assistance. Keeping a track of your SP02 readings would always be a practical option and we would definitely consider using a Pulse Oximeter at home should be an ideal option. From that perspective, it would be worthwhile to learn how to use Pulse Oximeter.

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