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Is Headache a sign of COVID-19?

Headaches can at times mean an early warning. Are you wondering -is headache a sign of COVID-19? The information here should definitely be helpful in understanding things in a better manner.

COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease that affects your lungs. The disease is characterised by symptoms such as fever, cough and breathing issues. That apart, you will also find COVID-19 is characterised by several other issues such as loss of taste and smell, body pains and yes, headache. Is headache a sin of COVID-19? Let us try finding out ho headache is related to Coronavirus.

Is headache a Sign of COVID-19?

Known in clinical terms as SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus has several symptoms that make it a little difficult to diagnose and understand the disease in its right spirit. Is headache a common symptom of COVID-19? Is COVID-19 headache different from other types of headaches such as cluster headache or migraine?


The possibility of headache is found to be visible in around 30 per cent of the patients that have been hospitalised, and 6 to 10 per cent in the case of the other symptomatic patients. A headache is a quite potential symptom of COVID-19. You may find COVID-19 affecting you either in the early phase of the infection even in the later infection stages. A headache can be a precursor to the other COVID-19 symptoms such as fever or cough.

How can You tell if the Headache is due to COVID-19 or anything else?

Headache is one of the common symptoms of bad health. But, since the headache can be associated with several other diseases and can indicate a host of bodily conditions. It may not be much easy to understand if a headache is due to COVID-19 or anything else.

Are headaches a symptom of coronavirus? You may need to have a look at the symptoms to have a clear understanding.

Some of the indications to prove that a headache is due to COVID-19 can include –

  • You have a pressing or pulsing sensation
  • You may find it gets worse when you bend
  • It can affect both sides of your head
  • It may be moderate to severe in terms of intensity

In most of the cases, the COVID related headaches tend to be resistant to regular painkillers. It may even last more than three days which may be yet another prime factor you may need to focus on.

Researchers have been attempting to find the reasons and differences between the COVID headache and non-COVID headache symptoms. The Journal of Headache and Pain has noted the above conditions to be quite indicative of the COVID – 19 headache symptoms

When does Headache come in the case of COVID-19?

Under the most common conditions, headache may appear during the very beginning of the illness. It will last for around three to five days. If you found the headache to be extremely pressing, pulsating or stabbing, and it happens to be on both sides of the head instead of one side, it may be due to the COVID infection.

You may also find that the symptoms may further last longer. Headache may also be part of the post-COVID situation – also referred to as Long COVID. The Long COVID headaches may often come and go, but they tend to reduce over time and may end gradually.

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