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Kate Winslet Flashed herself to DiCaprio – He was taken aback!

Titanic was a hugee hit that starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. It was definitely the most memorable romantic films ever made, and still commands the viewers’ interest. But, do you know Kate Winslet did something on the sets that completely shocked the leading actor? He was taken aback and was not prepared for it.

Rememebr the iconic scene in the movie which has DeCaprio drawing a nude portrait of Rose aka Kate Winslet? The scene perhaps gives us all goosebumps, but during the filming of this scene, Kate did something that shocked DeCaprio who says, “She had no shame about it”.

Leo went to record saying, ” “She had no shame in it. She wanted to break the ice a little beforehand, so she flashed me. I wasn’t prepared for that, she had one up on me. I was pretty comfortable after that.”

Kate Flashed her privates to Leo!

The iconic portrait scene was the first scene that the crew of the movie began shooting for when the film went on the floors. Kate and leo had  not known each other when they first met on the sets of Titanic. Even when they have grown quite close over the years, and have been the best friends, they were complete strangers when they began shooting for the iconic movie. Flashing, if you are not aware, showing one’s private parts to someone or public briefly.

When the actors were shooting, Kate decided to break the ice and flashed her bosom to  Leo, which left Leo aghast. The actor who was 23 years old back then said he was not prepared for it.

As Kate herself says, “I was naked in front of Leo on the first day of shooting,” to which Leonardo DiCaprio replies “She had no shame with it. She wanted to break the ice a little beforehand, so she flashed me. I wasn’t prepared for that, so she had one up on me. I was pretty comfortable after that.” You can read about it the official BTS book titled James Cameron’s Titanic. 

Even after 25 years of its release, Titanic continues to be enjoying a huge fan following. The movie cataputleed the career of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio to a huge success. The movie was recently re-released and received a huge welcome.

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