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National Let It Go Day – June 23, 2020- Here are a few things you can let go..!

Life is full of regrets, fears and whatnot. The right way to stay ahead is to let go off the past. That is perhaps what the National Let It Go Day teaches us. Check what you can free yourself from this National Let It Go Day.

A day for No Regrets? Yes, that is what the National Let It Go Day is all about. Well, a National Let It Go Day? You will perhaps frown on that idea.

National Let It Go Day – June 23, 2020. It is also The No Regrets day

But, you heard us right. Today, June 23 is the National Let It Go Day, or simply put – a NO REGRETS DAY! We all have those little things from the past. The ones that we are still clinging on to. Today is the day you would clear yourself of all that baggage you have been carrying for long.

national let it go day

Whether it is all about a past relationship, or something that happened between you friends, or perhaps something that has something to do with a past job. Almost every one of us has baggage that we tend to carry on our shoulders. Though invisible, they tend to be there. How nice and peaceful it would be if you were able to let go of all those worries and previous baggage? That is precisely what the National Let It Go Day teaches you to do.

National Let It Go Day – The History

Well, a unique day in itself, when did the National Let It Go Day originate? Unearthing the history reveals that it is one of those wonderful days that have been created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. 

They understood that pain and difficulty of living with the regrets that keep you haunting whenever you are alone. They suggested that letting them go can be the only best and way to find peace within. This is how the National Let It Go Day was invented.

How to celebrate National Let It Go Day?

Well, there are several ways you can celebrate the National Let It Go Day or the No Regrets Day. Just stop brooding over what has become the past. You cannot repair or reverse it. Whatever has happened, has happened.

The right way to celebrate the National Let It Go Day would be to stop wasting yourself brooding or thinking over those negative feelings and move towards a prosperous and bright future. Just note down the things you regret and give yourself some time to let them go. Of course, some of them may be much easy to forget, while a few others may be quite difficult.

Learn to relax and let the feeling go out of your mind. This will indeed require some sort of practice and a little hard work on your part. But should not be something difficult to achieve. Meditation, Yoga and similar other options would be one of the excellent options.

Let It Go off these things first!

Well, letting go off your past regrets alone won’t be the best thing that can happen to you. There are a few inner enemies you would want to let go of. These can prove to be a huge hindrance to your progress. Now that you have decided to let go of things that you do not want to be a hindrance, think about these vital enemies as well.


The fear can be of physical things, or even of abstracts. You may have a fear for height, or fire, or darkness, or just about anything. Rather known as phobia, they are detrimental and can be a roadblock. Let them go off first. Try doing what you fear most, albeit with the help of a friend or a well-wisher.

Then there are fears of an abstract nature, and they tend to be more dangerous. Fear of communicating with others, fear of commitment, fear of taking risks. These sort of fears or inhibitions can ruin your career or even your relationships. Never fear for failure, but make sure you fight it in your own unique way.


It is quite normal to feel guilty about something you have done. That would help you avoid repeating the same mistake ever again. But, carrying the baggage of guilt can be much risky. It can inhibit your growth and stop you from moving forward in your life.

Unless you committed a crime that is beyond mercy, we do not think you need to feel guilty. Have you committed a murder? Have you committed any heinous crime? If you haven’t, you need not carry the guilt and the baggage on your head.


That is one of the bad grudges that one holds about oneself. The past always haunts, and the right way to let go of your past is to learn from the past and the mistakes committed in the past. If something that happened in the past was not because of your fault – such as a sexual assault, why should you be ashamed for the crime committed by someone else?

Each day in your life comes with new opportunities. The right way to move ahead in life is to let go off the past and move ahead. Make the best use of what the current time has on offer for you and just forget what went through in the past. That is what the National Let It Go Day expects you to learn.


The regrets are the best elixirs for having a positive attitude in one’s life. Learning from your mistakes is a great thing that can ever happen in your life. But, blaming and keeping blaming yourself for the mistakes is not what we would recommend. Regrets are part and parcel of one’s life, and you need to learn from them, not get bogged down by them.

In fact, we are faced with several challenges all through our life. We would tend to do what appears right at the moment. It may be the right thing, or wrong – the decisions tend to be relative to the moment. In essence, the mistakes you commit in your life are a blessing in disguise. They would help you shape your life further by not repeating the mistakes. Make use of regrets for moving ahead, not for brooding why you committed them!

Well, National Let It Go Day lets you remember a whole of tasks that you need to get rid of and free yourself from the baggage that we tend to carry unnecessarily. Just let them go off, live a happy and fulfilling life!


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