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National Plant a Flower Day – March 12, 2020

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to go with the spirit of National Plant a Flower Day. Lets us understand and spread awareness about the important national day.

The Spring season is approaching fast. Every one of loves planting flowers in anticipation. We do look ahead for a warmer weather and nothing can make it more wholesome than the beautiful flowers – with their fragrance, soft petals, and vivid colors.

national plant a flower day

In honor of the flowering season, how about dedicating a day for planting the flowers? Well, we do have a day commemorating those beautiful things that the Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Yes, we are talking about the National Plant a Flowe Day. The day is celebrated in the US on March 12 every year. The day signifies the planting a flower and looking ahead to spring is one of the important events in the region.

Gardening has become a favourite hobby and activity for most of us. Almost every one of us loves planting different flowers and vegetables. So, if you are one of those, head over to your garden and plant a few flowers. If you cannot go outside, plant a few flowers in a pot.

What to plant on the National Plant a Flower Day?

Well, the exact flowers you can plant should ideally be dependent on the zone that you live in. You can either check out the options for perennials (the flower plants that grow back every year) and annuals (the flower plants that need to be planted every year).

You can start the seeds inside in a pot and place them in such a way that they receive a sunny weather. Once the weather outside is favourable, they can easily be moved outside. What you plant should ideally your personal preference. There are multiple options available for planting a flower on the National Plant a Flower Day.

However, Daffodils and Marigolds are the most favored flowers for March, and for Spring!

Want to start a Flower Garden on the National Plant a Flower Day?

Well, that should rather be easy. Flowering plants do not necessarily need heavy maintenance and upkeep. Follow a few simple tips to start your own flower garden.

  • Make a beginning with a potted garden. That would indeed be the right way if you do not want to spoil your lawn.
  • Choose the flower plant that can blossom in your environment. Some flower plants love the shade, some love the sun. A few others love both.
  • Prefer the perennials instead of the annuals. This would ensure a constant flowering throughout the years.
  • Source your flowers from the local greenhouses. They would have a better stock of the flower plants that grow naturally in your region.

If you have perennials already planted and have a few buds or seeds, you can share them with others who are new to gardening. You can even guide and train them to become a flower gardener. That would perhaps be an excellent option to celebrate the National Plant a Flower Day!

How can you celebrate the National Plant a Flower Day?

There are several means if you really love the flowers (we are yet to find someone who does not!). The best option should be to create and nurture your own flower garden. That apart, there are a few other options you can check out.

  • Join a community garden near you. You can partake as a volunteer or an active member.
  • Add up new flower plants to your garden.
  • Share flowers with your friends and colleagues
  • A few nurseries and greenhouses hold special events to commemorate the day. Check if your area has any such event planned.

And yes, spread the awareness about the wonderful day that can help you be on with nature. Dedicate the day to the flower and flowering plants and do not forget sharing your activities on social media with the hashtag #NationalPlantAFlowerDay! 

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