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National Taco Day – Get the best Taco Deals and Freebies

You do not need to wait for a Tuesday to enjoy your Tacos. The National Taco Day is here. October the 4th – enjoy your Tacos one, no, two oh na,  Three – or as many you would want to. It is that day of the year that you can get the superior Tacos – either free or at a discounted price!


National Taco Day

So here are a few excellent options to enjoy your favourite Tacos right away on the National Taco Day.

Jack in the Box

What’s the Deal – Get registered to the e-club and get two tacos whenever you make a purchase.

Deal Lasts on – October 4

What's the significance of the National Taco Day?
National Taco Day dates back to even before the arrival of the Europeans into the Mexican region. People living in the Valley of Mexico used to eat the Taco filled with fish.

The name Taco was given by the Spanish. It is quite unclear why this traditional Mexican recipe was called Taco. Perhaps the name has something to do with the word ataco, which meant stuffing or to stuff.

The National Taco Day was first celebrated in 2009. However, there is no clear evidence as to when and how it all began. Whatever be the beginning, let us enjoy our Tacos as the day lasts.

What’s the Deal – Get a Taco Day Gift set. Just for $ 5. The set comes with two Crunchy Tacos and two Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. You save $1.

Deal Lasts on – October 4

What’s the Deal – Get a free Taco with every purchase. Enjoy and cherish the Taco Day to your heart’s content.

Deal Lasts on – October 4

What’s the Deal – Sign up on the Instagram or Facebook page of Baja Fresh and get the best National Taco Day deal gift. Buy one and get one free!

Deal Lasts on – October 4

How to celebrate National Taco Day?
There are several options to celebrate the Taco Day. Well, the best option is to prepare multiple varieties of Tacos. You can make several variants of Tacos. Some varieties of Tacos would include
  • Taco Pizza
  • Veggie Tacos
  • Slow Cooker Pork Tacos

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What’s the Deal – Just buy a beverage and you can be assured of any Taco on the menu for free. Want more? Download Rubio’s app on your phone and sign up for the rewards. You would get another taco for free!

Deal Lasts on – October 4


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