Philadelphia Shoot Out – A Minimum of 6 Policemen Killed

At least six police officers have been declared dead at an hours-long shoot out in Philadelphia. The situation went on to become so drastic that the authorities had to declare a hostage situation in the region.

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The shoot out began at around 4.30 pm on Wednesday and was caused when the police attempted to issue a narcotics warrant. The two police officers were serving a warrant to a multifamily home. It has been assumed that it was a drug-related offense, and the inmates of the house were reported to have gone “awry almost immediately,”.

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The gunman still remains inside the home, and the situation has not yet resolved when the reports last came in, said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross. The scuffle went on for around four hours, and in the act at least six police officers were killed. Two officers along with the three hostages were freed unhurt later into Wednesday night.

The hostage situation was converted into barricade after the two officers and the three hostages were released late into the night. The police are still trying to talk to the gunman and persuading him into surrendering. As of late Wednesday night, the shooter was still packed inside the home.

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