Prince Harry in talks with Goldman Sachs – New plan for new life?

Prince Harry has reportedly been in talks with Goldman Sachs. If you are someone who is NOT in the league of financial companies, it may be interesting enough to note that it is a banking giant. If the media inputs are to be believed, it could be the beginning of a new empire.

Prince Harry

Mirror recently claimed that he has been in discussions with the controversial banking firm. A PR executive, Mark Borkowski, went on record stating that “They’re going to earn fortunes, whether through speeches or ambassador work – these are £1billion handshakes.”

The talks reportedly began at the same time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had been planning to quit the royal duties. Harry is also believed to have been paid $1 million for attending the summit that JP Morgan recently hosted.

The reports suggest that Prince Harry, 34 and his wife Meghan, 38 had been planning to secure their financial future several months before they decided to step down from the royal duties. It has been rumoured that Harry could become the high profile speaker at the Talks at GS series.

The news reports do suggest that the financial independence would be more high profile than what was anticipated initially. The Goldman Sachs declined to offer any comment.

We even tried to contact the sources at the Buckingham Palace. However, the sources declined to comment stating that “We do not comment on the Duke or Duchess’ private schedule.” 

The insider reports do suggest that the people from the Royal Family are a little disturbed. They think these talks with corporates will perhaps disturb the royal brand. Both JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have had a controversial past in recent times. The latter was involved in the 2008 financial crisis. They had to pay a $5billion settlement in 2016.

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