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Rose Day 2020 – How to celebrate and why?

Well, we are past the first week of February, and it is all Love that lives o this week. Valentine’s week begins on February 7, 2020, with Rose Day.  What is the significance and importance of the rose day, and how should you celebrate it?

rose day

That perhaps does not need any introduction. It has always been intuitive. We gift the red roses to our loved ones on Rose day.

Do you know each color of the rose has its own meaning?
Check this out to understand meaning of Rose Colour – Rose Day- Valentine’s week

The number of roses you gift to your beloved has its own meaning! We are sure you were not aware of this either.

One Rose signifies a token of Love.

Two Roses – If you gift two roses intertwined with one another, it will indicate you are proposing someone for marriage. If you use a red rose with a white rose, it communicates peace.

Six Roses will indicate you are yearning to be loved and cherished.

Eleven Roses will tell the recipient that they are being loved madly and deeply.

Thirteen Roses indicate that the recipient has a secret admirer. You suggest to your Love that you have been secretly admiring him or her for long.

Rose is the favorite flower of Goddess of Love!

Greek Mythology says that red roses have been the favorite of Venus, who is the Goddess of Love. Are you aware ROSE when written backward spells EROS, who is the Greek God of Love.

Venus loves Eros, and that should signify the essence of a rose in Valentine’s week. Of course, maybe a myth or something else, but the story should be proof to bring out the essence that a rose carries in an amorous relationship.

How to celebrate Rose Day?

Well, you know it already. But how about a few suggestions that can make it even more effective?

Leave Bouquets, Go for something innovative

How about gifting roses that can be placed in a bowl or a vase? You can even go for a great looking designer rose bowl, instead of a bouquet of roses.

A Rose Candle can speak a thousand words

Surrounding yourself and your beloved with Rosy fragrance can be yet another excellent option to celebrate Rose Day with a difference. You can either choose a rose-shaped candle or a candle that has a rose scent. You can even consider opting for the fragrance that your partner loves.

A Scrapbook with Roses to scribble the romantic thoughts

You can create a memorable scrapbook with the pics of you two. It will need you to go through a little hard work, but it would be worth the effort, we promise.

rose day
Image – Pinterest

Well, those were just a few ideas to help you celebrate your special day – more of them to follow through the week – in style, and a little different from what the world does! You can put your creativity to the task and come up with more such ideas.

If you do, share them with us. Our readers will benefit from those innovative ideas of celebrating Rose Day in style and pomp.


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