Should you study medicine in the Caribbean?

Studying medicine abroad has become one of the prominent options for most of the would-be medical professionals. This is a fact substantiated by the fact that there are several hundred students from India, Nepal and other countries signing up for studying medicine abroad. The Caribbeans have become one of the excellent destinations for those desirous of gaining an education in medicine. So, should you study medicine in Caribbean? We will try answering that query.

There are a few critical factors you should pay special attention to when picking the options to study medicine in Caribbean.

A few Factors you need to pay attention to

Never Club all the Caribbean Medical Schools into one lump

Not all Caribbean Medical schools are created equal. Clubbing them all together would be a disservice to the best medical schools of medicine in Caribbean. For instance, the medicine school managed by the American University of Barbados can be considered to be one of the excellent options for the best medical knowledge.

You have multiple options for practice

Caribbean medical schools have two different modes of options when it comes to providing medical educations. Some of them are Regional, and a few others are offshore. The regional medical schools in Caribbean let you practice after the completion of your courses in the region itself. The offshore medical schools let you return to your home country to practice and get the final accreditation. If you are planning to study medicine in Caribbean, make sure that you pick the right Caribbean medical school that best meets your needs.

Do not get carried away with the Life in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a lot about having fun, and that would mean you run the risk of getting carried away. It would indeed be tempting to visit the beaches, have fun and enjoy the exotic surroundings. But remember that you are in the Caribbean for a purpose. Option to study medicine in Caribbean can have its own issues in terms of the type of living – you may not have access to gyms, movie theatres and pubs. It may appear to be a constrained space, but we assure you that the quality of education when you choose the Best Medical School of Medicine in the Caribbean can indeed be something that compensates it.

What makes it a great option to study medicine in Caribbean?

Well, Caribbean is the home for a few outstanding medical schools and offers you a world-class education at a really affordable cost.

Some of the basic factors that would make it a great choice to opt for Caribbean Medical Schools would include

  • The medical universities in the Caribbean and the Caribbean Medical Schools follow the same curriculum as in the US. That would mean you have access to the same level of quality in education when compared to the students in the US are exposed to.
  • Low tuition fees and accommodation when compared to the other affluent nation in Europe or the Americas. That would provide you with the high-quality education at an extremely affordable price point.
  • Low student to teacher ratio will mean you would be able to have access to a personal attention. A one to one education is the key to better knowledge.
  • You can get access to a highly affordable education thanks to the cheaper hostel and mess facilities. Despite the low cost, you can get access to an enhanced quality of amenities that include heating system, CCTV cameras, air conditioning, and laundry to name just a few.
  • The quality of education and other infrastructure is quite comparable to the similar options available in the developed countries.

Those are just a few factors that would make you decide in favour of studying medicine in Caribbean. The sense of adventure, low fees, a higher level of education and more accessible admission process should be a few of the best options that should convince you to take up the option to study medicine in Caribbean.

What interested us is what we found as an exciting option among the Caribbean medical schools is that they focus on providing you with an opportunity to live a Caribbean life and experience the Caribbean lifestyle. This would go a long way in making you a good doctor who does not only specialise in the quality of education alone, but also is a compassionate human being.

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