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Teddy Day – February 10, 2020 – Unique ideas to celebrate Teddy Day

The fourth day in the week-long celebration of love, the 10th February is held as Teddy Day. An important day in Valentine’s Week, it has always been one of the unique days that any girl will cherish for long.

A Teddy has always been our favourite for sharing the intricate secrets of our lives for long. The Teddy Day, as part of Valentine’s week celebrations, marks a sort of commemoration of our constant buddy throughout the thick and thin of one’s life. The day is marked by gifting teddies to their loved ones and partners. In fact, the teddies symbolize their own selves.

Teddy Day - February 10, 2020 - Unique ideas to celebrate Teddy Day 48

A Teddy Bear symbolizes that trusted friend or partner who is always by your side to share your joys and pleasure or even sorrows. Someone who never ditches you and is ever ready for a warm hug.

Now that Teddy Day is here, how about a few creative ideas to make your day more memorable?

Gift Her (or him) a homemade Teddy

A Handmade Teddy Bear is always unique in its own way. If you are not aware of how to make it, you can get it done from a Pro with your specific ideas and customizations. In fact, you may join a class to learn how to make a Teddy if you have enough time.

You can even consider buying one form an online store.

Dress Up Yourself as a Teddy Bear

That should be an awesome idea. That would indeed help you show the funny side of you. In fact, that would be something memorable for your girlfriend to find you in a sweet and cuddly Teddy bear avatar. She will indeed come running to you for a hug, and that would indeed be a bear hug!

Gift her a Teddy Bouquet

Of course, nothing beats the joy of a large Teddy, but a Teddy Bouquet can also be a good alternative. Especially when you have been going steady for a few years, and she already has plenty f Teddies you have gifted her. You can find the best Teddy Bouquets at the gift shops or can even customize them.

How about Teddy Bear Chocolate?

Of course, the Chocolate Day has been enjoyed just a day before, and you both have relished a lot of those sweetie goodies. How about extending to the next day and make a large chocolate in the Teddy bear shape? You can perhaps get in touch with your local pastry shop and find if they can make something on those lines.

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