The Top 5 upcoming Technology Trends for 2020 – A speculative look

Technology is one such area that you would find going through a never-ending development and enhancement. We have been witnessing a massive growth in the technology genre over the past few years, and we expect similar improvements and new technologies in the days to come. So, what technology trends for 2020 do we expect? We thought we would give it a speculative look.

The year 2019 was a huge one when you think of technology enhancements. The growth of personal assistants was one of the prominent aspects, and they began influencing every device and every aspect of our lives.

We do not think 2020 will be any different. The future trends in information technology in other areas in 2020 will be interesting enough, and it would be worthwhile to have a look at them.

Technology Trends for 2020 – What we expect?

technology trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it has been fondly called, has been a powerful player already in 2019. It is set to move ahead in terms of performance standards and reach in 2020. Gartner claims that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will help augment the human decision making to a greater extent.

The technology will go to new heights and will be extremely practical in improving predictive analysis and natural processing. Human Augmentation is what would take it to the next level and enhance decision making more capably.

5G Technology

5G is the future, and it will definitely hog the limelight for the most part of the yar 2020. To begin with, we expect it having a significant impact on areas like ports, airports, and corporates. Huawei claims that the 5G revolution will take a large dimension and replace most of the current wireless communication technologies.

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It is to be seen how networks and telecom operators are able to handle the bandwidth and reduce network costs. It is bound to improve the reach of the Internet of Things as well.

The Edge Computing

This is a new area that has been under a nascent development for quite long. 2020 is expected to bring new development in the Edge computing. Industries are not happy with the content collection and delivery at the current stage and are looking to improve efficiency.

Edge Computing is expected to the dominant technology in most of the industries. Technologies like robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and operational systems will be at the root of the new enhancement in this realm.


The digital world and how it is perceived is going to witness a huge change. The growth of VR, AR, and AI will help achieve the best results in the days to come. Access to multiple human senses simultaneously will ensure that you will have access to delivering the best possible richer environment.

The Multiexperience will have a considerable impact on the product designs, visualizations, and other field operations. Get ready for the multimodal and multisensory information.

Autonomous things

We have already begun experiencing this promising technology. The autonomous things will replace most of the tasks performed by the humans and deliver them more effectively. Drones, robots, and driverless vehicles are just a few of such devices that we expect to rule the roost in 2020.

technology trends in 2020

The use of AI can help achieve the best results. They are being used in the controlled environments as of now. The growth of technology can help it meet better standards. The AI can help implement the autonomous things in the uncontrolled public places as well.

Blockchain and its enhancement

Many platforms have appreciated blockchain technology as such. Of course, we are not talking about the cryptocurrencies here, but the underlying technology that powers them. Blockchain technology can be quite useful in asset tracking as well.

The assets can be traced to their origin. This can help improve the cash flow and lower cost. Of course, it is a little immature as it stands as of now, but we do expect it get the necessary development this year. Blockchain can be an excellent option for improving the trust factor.

Well, we do expect a few considerable developments in the technology sector as the world moves into the new decade of the century. The focus will be on innovation and connectivity. The AI is set to get an enormous impetus and, in turn, will impact other areas as well. This report expects AI to contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030.

Let us be ready to witness the growth and imbibe what the new innovations are seeking to offer us.


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