There are planets worth habitation – A study reveals

While the Earth is the only planet that supports life as far as our knowledge goes as of now, scientists have been looking for the exoplanets that can be habitable. A recent keynote address at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Congress has made it clear that there are planets that are more habitable than our “Mother Earth”.

The research supported by NASA has claimed that there are planets that have better conditions for the life to thrive and offer a better “live-ability” when compared to Earth. The study analyses the HZs or habitable zones where you would be able to find life liquid water on the surface. The study has concluded that the earth is not the optimally habitable region or planet. and there are other better options available.

Dr. Olson, who conducted the studies as part of a larger team had this to say about the finding –

“…it shows us that conditions on some exoplanets with favorable ocean circulation patterns could be better suited to support life that is more abundant or more active than life on Earth.”

There are two sides to this assessment. To begin with, it does let us know that the Earth is not necessarily the most favourable planet for life as we have been believing so far. It destroys the theory so far. While on the other hand, it lets us understand that there is still more chance for the plentiful of life in our universe than we have so far thought off.


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