Top 6 Best Bike Paths in the US

Discover the best bike paths in the US and understand how effective the bike ride can be in the States. Pick the perfect experience for your needs and enjoy your best bike rides in the US to achieve enhanced results ever..

The craze for cycling has been catching up. With the number of  estimated trips reaching the magic figure of 4 billion, we thought of listing out the best bike paths in the US and offering you bikers a great degree of choice in picking the best bike trail that perfectly meets your expectations. So, here are our picks for the best bike trails in the US.

Top 6 Best Bike Paths in the US

Are you looking for an inspiration for the best bike riding experience in the US, the urban cities in the US have been gaining an excellent experience in the messy terrains and getting access to the best quality option to explore new cities and regions.

1. Rio Grande Trail in Aspen, Colorado

The trail spans across the region of Colorado’s scenic Roaring Fork Valley. The Rio Grande Trail in Aspen spans around 42 miles. You can either ride all the way to Glenwood Springs, or pick a smaller ride somewhere in between. They are extremely rocky mountains and should be something you would find impressive for the adventurous lot among you.

best bike paths in the us

And yes, you need not worry if you are a beginner in cycling. The complete valley has been recognised as the beginner friendly trail. What’s more, the trail has also earned the distinction being the gold medal destination by the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Get access to the best bike rides in the US.

2. Bayshore Bikeway, San Diego

This is one the perfect upcoming best bike paths in the US. The bikeway was conceived back in the 1970s and has been rated to be the right trail for the best bike rides in the US. The trail will eventually extend into 24 miles into San Diego bay. While you bike around the region, you can get access to a lot of scenic extensions along the way. The ferry connection between Coronado and San Diego should be yet another excellent option.

The trail is completely away from traffic and that should be one of the best options to provide you an enhanced experience. As of now, around 15 mils of bike path has been built. The rest of the work will be completed soon.

3. Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville

The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville is a 21 mile multi use greenway. The best bike path in the US runs through downtown making it a n enhancing journey ever. The park like setting is one of the best scenic experiences. Bike along the Reedy River to achieve the best possible bike trail journey.

The fact that the bike path has been used by more than 501,000 people last year. It moves from Travelers Rest and Greenville and moves through what was earlier a railroad corridor. The breathtaking view of the Lake Conestee Nature Park is yet another bonus. The 400 acres of wonderful forest should provide you access to a truly improved experience.

4.  Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Are you looking to explore the vibrant downtown in the city? The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is one of the excellent choices you would find impressive. Access to a wide range of options in enjoying the best possible experience with the best cultural districts and neighborhoods. You can move through a huge range of shops and other classic world renowned attractions.

One of the excellent and best bike paths in the US, it lets you enjoy the journey through the history of the arena. The asphalt lanes have been replaced with green landscape. The landscape has been rated to be an innovative step in the direction of an enhanced bike trail ever. Rediscover your surroundings with an enchanting experience ever.

5. Capital City State Trail, Madison

Madison has been rated to be the cycling capital of the Midwest. The Capital City Trail of Madison has been treated to be the world of cycling. With over 17 miles of biking trail, you would definitely want to give it a try. The two hour journey along Lake Monona can be very much enticing. Visit B.B. Clarke Parke and Dane County Famer’s market on the way which is home to the Wisconsin meat and cheeses.

The Capital City State trail is the link between Military Ridge State Trail and the Glacial Drumlin State Trail. Almost halfway through the trail is the scenic Capital Springs State Recreation Area. Explore the unique urban beauty and get access to a truly wonderful experience ever.

6. Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta, Georgia

Yet another great option for the best bike paths in the US, the Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta is located outside the city of Atlanta. It passes through 61 miles of the North Georgia countryside giving you an insight into the rural life. You can travel all the way across the Alabama State line.
And yes, the trail connects you to the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama and get 33 more miles to hop on to. You can get access to a wonderful look of the stunning scenery. You can get access to a wonderful look of the pine trees, rock cliffs, and rivers and creeks. You can also rife through the historic train trestle. It would be interesting to note that this one used to be a historic railroad once again.
Well, the bike paths in the US are aplenty. We just picked the top 6 of them to make you get interested in biking. Check out those trails and experience the best possible experience ever. Of course, we will add up more trails quite soon. Until then, enjoy these wonderful trails for n enchanting experience.

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