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Top 6 Women’s Sexual Health facts you always wanted to know

There has been a huge misconceptions and myths about women's sexual health. We tried covering and busting a few of those.

Women’s sexuality is perhaps one of the most wrongly understood concepts ever. Either there is a lack of interest to analyse it, or it has been because of the unneeded myths surrounding women’s sexual health. In fact, we would blame it largely on the research community. Most of the people involved in the research are men, and you can not expect them to understand the psychological side of the women’s sexual health as such.


We thought of giving it a “thought” and present some of the facts that would perhaps enlighten our women (and men) about their sexual health and how can it affect their social life.

women's sexual health

A few Women’s sexual health facts unearthed and some busted!

Here are a few facts about women’s sexual health for a clear understanding of the Tender Gender. Perhaps this would goad you into exploring into more details of women’s sexuality.

A Vaginal orgasm is actually a clitoral orgasm

Yes, you heard it right. While a lot of hours have been spent in the study of orgasm in women, it goes without saying that it has remained illusive. Just as the actual clitoris is for many women. In essence, the sole purpose that a clitoris is made of is to provide sexual pleasure to women.

It has more than 8000 sensory nerves and it has been estimated that this is almost twice the number of similar ons in the head of a penis. It may also be noticed that more than 75 per cent of the women attain orgasm with the clitoris being touched or stimulated in any other manner, than the vaginal intercourse alone.

It is common to have an odour in your vagina

Most of the gynecologists report that most of the women complain about the odour down there between their legs. Many of them believe that they should have no odour in their vaginal region. It is a myth and we would state it loud and clear – A vagina has a smell.. and it smells like a vagina!

The exact odour may be ddependent on the time of your cycle and your diet. But a NO ODOUR regime should never be something you need to run after. Of course, a fishy pdour, an itching or any similar infection can be a reason for worry. Except in those cases, there is nothing you need to worry about the smell in your vagina.

Women crave for sex as men do

This is yet another myth associated with women’s sexuality and their sexual health. There has always beena misconception that men keep thinking about sex, and women do not. A recent survey has concluded that close to 50 per cent of women do think that they are not getting the amount of sex they would like to have.

Around 75 percent of the women desire that they should have sex at least three times a week.

Your pubic hair has a purpose to serve

In contrast to what most of you think as an annoying disturbance, your pubic hair has been there with a mighty purpose. The skin on the genital regions – the vagina in this case – is very delicate. Pubic hair helps you protect it from the external friction and other sort of rubbing.

It can also trap the bacteria, virus and even dust from entering your vagina. In fact, your vagina has a very delicate chemical equilibrium and the pubic hair can help it retain it.

There is nothing like masturbating too much!

Masturbating can be seen as the best means to release your sexual tension and stay healthy. It is never a taboo or something you need to ditch. In fact, it can be quite rewarding as it lets you know what feels good enough for you and you can share this new found knowledge to your partner.

As long as it does not make you irritated, or disturbs you daily life and other normal activities, no amount of masturbation is bad. You can indulge into it as much as you can!

Sex during periods is not beyond limits

Well, that one is perhaps one of the most discussed topics. Should you have sex during periods? People have begun talking openly about it recently and that in itself is a good thing to observe.

As long as you both are comfortable with it, there is nothing you need to worry about. In fact, many couples find it more rewarding because of the increased arousal levels and a better lubrication. And an important fact there – since a woman’s body is preparing for reproduction, she will be be more horny and highly aroused during that time.

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