Trump still believes Coronavirus originated from China- WHO says it is of live origin

Coronavirus originated from China - that has been a consistent claim that the US President Donald Trump has been making since quite long. He even claimed he had evidence to prove this, but came up with no details.

Despite several refusals from the Chinese authorities, the US president still believes that the Coronavirus originated from the Chinese lab. He claimed that he has reasons to believe that the virus originated from a laboratory in China.

The intelligence agencies in the US have claimed that they are analysing the possibility of the virus being sparked by accident and escaped from the Wuhan lab. While WHO has clearly mentioned that the virus is NOT human-made and is of natural origin. However, the fact that Coronavirus originated from China is still ascertained.

Trump suspects Coronavirus originated from China lab but has no evidence as yet!

Not that he has no evidence, neither that he has. In fact, in his usual manner, he claimed that he has evidence to prove that the Coronavirus originated from China. However, he did not offer any details on what makes him believe in that theory.

coronavirus originated from china
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He made those claims at an event at the White House on Friday. He stated,

“We’re going to see where it comes from,…We have people looking at it very, very strongly. Scientific people, intelligence people, and others. We’re going to put it all together. I think we will have a perfect answer eventually. And China might even tell us.”

When the reporters pressed him to come out with the details of the evidence that he has, he just responded that he is not allowed to share that information as of now. It should be noticed that the top US Intelligence agency already has gone on record that its finding “..Concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified.”

Was Coronavirus really originated from Wuhan Lab?

Ever since the pandemic has made the world come to a standstill, there has been a more comprehensive criticism of the Chinese government. There have been several theories being put forward to explain the spread of Coronavirus from the Wuhan Laboratory.

It is understood that the US authorities have pushed the intelligence agencies to find the evidence that the virus actually originated from China. It looks like the Trump administration has been looking ahead for a strong evidence against China so that they can be in a position to mount pressure on the Chinese authorities.

New York Times suggested that Trump has been attempting to escalate a public campaign for blaming China for the Coronavirus pandemic. The president made his intentions clear through his views. He claimed that “We should have the answer to that in the not-so-distant future and that will determine a lot how I feel about China,”

WHO Claims the virus is of “natural origin”

While Trump has been emphatic about the virus being originated from China, the WHO has categorically stated that the virus is NOT man-made and it has been of natural origin. The top global health organisation had made those claims earlier as well, and reiterated the view after Trump’s comments that he has evidence to prove that the virus originated from the China virology lab.

Scientists have always maintained that the Coronavirus spread as an animal to human infection and believe that the disease actually originated from the market selling exotic animals in Wuhan. They categorically deny the possibility of the disease escaping from the Wuhan Virology laboratory. WHO has reiterated its views in the face of the claims made by the US president and the charges levelled against it.

It may be remembered that President Trump has always been criticising WHO in its coverage and management of the COVID 19 disease. He claimed that

“I think that the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves, because they’re like the public relations for China,.. They [WHO] shouldn’t be making excuses when people make horrible mistakes, especially mistakes that are causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to die.”

Trump has blamed the WHO for covering it up for China. He even claimed that while US pays WHO $ 500 million a year, China pays just $38 million a year. He had even threatened to halt the funding to WHO. He perhaps wants the WHO make a claim to that effect and declare that Coronavirus originated from China.

Meanwhile, the total number of infections as on date in the US stand at 1,131,452 with 65,776 deaths at the time of publishing this report.

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