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Understanding the Viral Trend of Chroming: How it Became Popular

If you have been following the global scenario of late, you would be aware of the viral trend of Chroming. Understanding the viral trend of chroming is important if we want to put some brakes on its increasing popularity. That way, we would be able to devise the ways to negate its harmful effects.

What is Chroming?

Chroming simply refers to the act of snipping or inhaling the common household substances. Chroming involves inhaling the toxic chemicals through the nose or mouth in order to get a high. The term came into the being after the practice of inhaling the chrome based paint which was once used as an affordable means of getting high. 

Chroming has now turned to be one of the dangerous social media trends. It recently led to the unfortunate death of a teenger girl in Australia. The habit or practise of Chroming is growing popular among the Gen Z teenagers – especially among those who cannot afford the  drugs. Chroming is much similar to the other sorts of drug abuse that induces the feelings like hallluciantions, euphoria, nausea andd disorientation.

What Happens to the Body when you Chrom?

Chroming has the same effects as the drug abuse. If you overdo it or sniff the elements that are extremely toxic, you will end up facing severe issues such as brain damage. To begin with, it affects the control over your muscles and you may find it difficult to walk. It also runs the risk of chemical poisoning htereby resulting in liver damage and even kidney damage in some individuals. 

The effects of Chrom in your body can  include

An immediate intoxication

The first effect of chroming is the intoxication which is why most of the Gen Z population is attracted to it. This can result in a series of effects such as euphoria, dizziness, disorientation, and altered perception.

Effects on central nervous system 

The effects on the central nervous system would include a slurred speech, lack of coordination, mood swings and hallucinations, aggression and confusion.

Effects of cardiovascular system

Inhaling the chemicals can have a severe and serious effect on your cardiovasculr system. It can lead to heart palpitations, and rapid heart rate. This can even result in heart attacks and death. This was actually what happened with the teenager in Australia.

Damage to the respiratory system

Chroming involves sniffing the chemicals directly into your lungs. This can result in severe issues with your respiratory system. Some immediate symptoms can include inflammation, coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing.  Prolonged chroming habits can cause issues like chemical pneumonitis or pulmonary edema.

Liver and kidney damage

The effect of chroming can be quite severe and result in multiple organ failures.

Those outlined apart, chroming can also result in severe neurological issues which can ultimately result in a permanent brain damage.

The Risks of Chroming: Short-term and Long-term Health Effects

If you want o keep your kids away from the effects of Chroming, it is advisable to let them understand the short term and long term effects of the habit.

The short term health effects of Chroming

The short term effects of chroming would include

Euphoria and intoxication – These are the immediate effects that can give a huge high to the prson involved in chroming. This is what attracts the younger generation to the habit of chroming.

Dizziness and disorientation – The dizziness and disorientation is yet another effect of Choming. You will be disconnected from the reality. It can thus result in accidents and injury.

Hallucinations – Hallucinations can result in an altered perception. You may experience auditory and visual disturbances. They can be quite unnpredictable and can have severe effect.

Nausea and vomiting – Chroming can cause vomitting, nausea or even a little stomach discomfort. The chemicals can disrupt your digestive system and result in the disruption in the normal body functions.

Other short term effects would include skin irritation and rashes, headaches and respiratory issues and even chemical burns.

Long term effects of chroming

The long term effects of chroming would include

Organ damage – A prolonged chroming can result in the permanent damage to the organs. It can affect the organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Neurological impairment – The harmful chemicals from chroming can result in neurological damage and cognitive impairment. A few issues that you may face would include Memory loss, decreased attention span, difficulty with problem-solving, and impaired coordination.

Mental health disorders – The mental health disorders would include depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Dependency and addiction – The pleasurable experience and a desire to get that feel over and again can lead you to an increased substance abuse. The person will not bee able to leave the habit without the professional assistance.

Why Chroming is Particularly Dangerous for Young People?

Adolescence is a critical period for development and the lack of direction in one’s life at this stage can cause severe issues It can have a lasting impact on their well-being.

Some of the reasons why chroming can be dangerous for the younger people can include

Vulnerabilities to the young developing brain 

The adolescent brain is still developing. At this age, the areas related to decision-making, impulse control, and risk assessment would be under development. Drug abuse at this age can result in causing an irreparable damage to the brain. It can result in issues such as memory problems, decreased attention span, and impaired learning abilities.

Increase in the risk taking behaviour 

The youngsters in general are known to have a higher risk taking behaviour. Substance abuse at this stage can make them further vulnerable and cause an impulsive behavior. This can lead to the dangerous situations and an increased harm.

No awareness and education

Lack of awarenesss and education about the harmful effects of chroming can be another reason that can cause you face long term and short term health concerns. The experimentation with the substance and a continued use can cause a severe social isssues going forward.

Lifelong impact – Involving in chroming in early stages of life can lead to lifelong effects and impact. It can have a lingering effect on the education, career prospects and the overall quality of life. It can also result in lifelong addiction disorders.

Limited coping capability

Adolescence is all about being vulnerable and involves the time taken for identity formation. Their coping mechanism with respect to stress, anxiety and peer pressure is quite limited. This can result in an increased inclination towards the substance abuse.

These reasons make it imperative to devise the options to create prevention options that are more directed towards the younger people. providing comprehensive education, having positive peer influence, and offering the open lines for better communication would provide better insights.

Death of Esra Haynes – Will it be an eye opener for the dangers of Chroming?

Esra Haynes, a 13 year old girl in Melbourne, Australia died of cardiac arrest due to chroming. She passed away after indulging in the activity of chroming in her peer group. She passed away after a week of struggling for life.

Era was said to have gone to her friend’s place for a sleepover. She attempted sniffing from a deodarant can as is always done in a choming practice and suffered a severe heart attack.

This is not the first time that an issue of this nature has surfaced. In 2019, two teenage boys had died after consuming a harmful substance. A teenage girl was also reported to have faced brain damage after attempting chroming.

Chroming can be a very dangerous activity. The chemicals inhaled can have severe issues and effects on your brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. In severe cases, it can also result in seizures, heart attack, coma, and sudden death. We expect the series of these unfortunate events make the younger generation understand the seriousness and stay away from the viral trend of chroming.

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