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Valentine’s Week Day 2 – Propose Day, February 8, 2020

The love has already been in the air, and the second day of Valentine’s week is already here – February 8, 2020. Celebrated worldwide as Propose Day, the day signifies the essence of proposing to your Valentine and making it a memorable occasion for a long time to go.

Well, you have been a secret admirer for quite some time. You already expressed your feelings by exchanging roses on Rose Day. Now that he or she is expecting it, it is the right time to confess your love right away! What else can be a better day than a Propose Day can help you with that?

A few unique ways to propose to your beloved on Propose Day

You can make your Propose Day entirely unique and unforgettable. Devise your own creative ideas and ways to propose to the love of your life.

Well, to make a beginning onto the right path, here are a few suggestions from our end –

A Beach Proposal

If you have been visiting a beach on Propose Day, nothing can be better than proposing to your love right on the beach. You can propose in whichever way you would like to. An evening setup would be a great option. Writing down the proposal on sand can be a great way.

Propose Day

Make it sound ordinary with sweets

Didn’t get what we mean to say? Just buy a box of sweets or chocolates or whatever that looks quite ordinary. Place the ring inside the box, gift wrap the box and present it to her. She is expecting you to propose to her, but would go angry or sad looking at an ordinary present. But, when she opens it, that would be the best surprise ever for her!

Propose in a foreign Language

Take a scrapbook and begin writing the term “Will You Marry Me?” in different languages on each page. Begin with the language she does not know at all. Use different languages on each page until you do it in her native language on the last page.

If you are not aware of many languages, you can use the Google Translate feature. Or better still, here are a few good options.

 Spanish: Te Casas Conmigo?
Dutch: Wil je met me trouwen?
Chinese: Chin Ja Gay Wu Hao Ma?
Italian: Vuoi sposarmi?
Russian : Ты выйдешь за меня? (Ty vyydesh’ za menya?)
Portuguese : Você quer se casar comigo?
French :veux-tu m’?ouser ?
German : Willst Du mich heiraten?


Take a queue from a few of those options and get the message to the other side.

Flash Mob Proposal

This involves proposing to your beloved in a huge group. The group can consist of your friends, colleagues, people who know you both, and even your parents. Assemble all of them on some sort of pretext. Propose just as if you are doing it impromptu. Your acting skills will be at the core here. Just ensure that you have a photographer making it more memorable.

Propose at the place where you first met

That would perhaps be an excellent option to ensure you have walked down the memory lane. Proposing to your beloved at the place where you first met can help you go through the time you have spent together, and the time you plan to spend together. If it is not possible to visit the place that you first met, you can choose the one that you have sweet memories of.

Well, that was how you could propose just in style and make sure that it stays a memorable event all through your life together.

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