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Valentine’s Week – Rose Day , February 7, 2020-

Much awaited day for the lovers around the world is just around a week away! But, the celebrations begin from today – February 7, 2020. Today is the first day of Valentine’s week and is celebrated as Rose Day.

The Rose Day, as the name itself should be indicative, is the day when roses are exchanged between people as a token of love. Each color of the rose has its own significance when expressing your emotions.

rose day

Weren’t aware of that? Here is what each color of the rose signifies. Knowing rose color meanings can let you choose yours wisely –

White rose signifies purity and innocence. It can also be the right beginning to the pure and an everlasting love. Understanding the white rose meaning lets you gift them to the right one!
Yellow represents friendship and care. They convey the feelings such as warmth, delight, and happiness. Understand yellow rose meaning before handing them over to anyone. You may be forced to end your amorous love right away!
The Peach colored roses signify gratitude and sincerity. It can be the best way of saying “Thank You” in a subtle way. The Peach Rose can be a great option for business deals and collaborations.
Pink rose stands for elegance, femininity, and sweetness. The gradient of the pink color can further signify different emotions. A deeper pink represents appreciation and gratitude. A lighter pink color can represent gentleness and joy.
For today’s occasion, they are the best. The red rose is an indication of amorous attraction and love. It can represent a wide range of feelings that include romance, passion, desire, and true love. It is a classic way of saying I Love You and a great gift for the Valentine’s day.
Often associated with mystery, enchantment, and wonder, the Lavender rose can be the right indication for love at first sight. If you have someone with whom you have a secret crush, or if there’s someone who has grabbed your attention, a Lavender rose should be the best gift on a rose day.
Green is a color that represents life. It can even signify a constant rejuvenation. Often related to the balance, stability, and peace of mind, a Green rose can be a great choice if you want to please or surprise someone.
Blue is an indication mystery or the unattainable. Want to say, “you are the extraordinary one, and there is no match to you”? Blue roses are the best in those scenarios. It can be the right choice for a girl or woman who is very independent.
They can be quite unique and much rare to find. It has many annotations to it. The most significant feeling that a Black rose signifies would be death and mourning. However, they also come with a positive feeling. They signify a new beginning. Or the birth of a new era.
Orange stands for fiery desire, energy, enthusiasm and fascination. Gifting an orange rose can mean you are proud of the person. You can even replace them with Salmon and Coral roses.

Want to gift your beloved something exciting for the Rose Day? How about checking out a few of them here?

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