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What Restaurants are open on Thanksgiving?

Want to know what restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day? Here are a few good options that can prove to be handy.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is still here, and most of us are not likely to skip the big family eating this Thanksgiving Day. But what if you are looking to pick a meal from a restaurant?

There arent many high-end restaurants that would remain open on the day. The local restaurants are expected to face the brunt, and this year a huge number of local restaurants are expected to remain closed. Womply has claimed that this year, there may be around one in 4 of the restaurants are likely to remain closed. Even the grocery stores such as Walmart and Target are expected to remain closed on Thursday.

What Restaurants are open on Thanksgiving 2020?

Though the data here may not be extremely accurate, the list here should ideally provide you an insight into the restaurants that are likely to remain on Thursday.

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We will check out a few of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in detail and then simply list out a few of them.

Golden Corral

This is one of the prime choices for the best Thanksgiving meal. You can expect a legendary, endless buffet. One of the enormous attractions you would come across is the excellent Thanksgiving Day buffet that includes turkey, pie, and all the trimmings. There are a few of the great options that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It should be one of the best restaurants open for Thanksgiving.

You can locate your Golden Corral from this guide.


The restaurant has been one of the excellent options that have been around since 1980. A great option for providing you access to great food and huge smiles. With more than 2000 locations across the US and even around the world, you can be sure to get access to great food, a perfect neighborhood setting, and of course, a courteous service. The casual atmosphere is what would offer you a great degree of service quality.

You can locate your Applebees from this guide.

Boston Market 

Popularly known as Thanksgiving Market, the Boston market has been a great and perfect option for almost every need. The location simply pulls up all the stops in serving you to the fullest of its capacity. They do have several locations, and almost all of them are open for Thanksgiving day. You can be assured of a full Thanksgiving meal. Of course, the menu selections and hours of service can vary depending upon the location.

You can locate your Boston Market from this guide.

Cracker Barrel

If you visit Cracker Barrel on a Thanksgiving Day, maybe you will find it occupied to the brim. The restaurant chain considers it the busiest day of the year. You won’t want to believe us, but you can order a Thanksgiving meal almost every Thursday at the Cracker Barrel. You can check out both dine-in and takeaway options at the restaurant.

You can locate your Golden Cracker Barrel from this guide.


Denny’s is a restaurant that you can definitely count on. The joint is open all days, and that includes Thanksgiving Day as well. If you are specifically checking out the meal options on the Thanksgiving Day, you can have access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yet another attraction you stand to gain with Denny’s is the rewards options that you can join to get discounts that offer you up to 15 to 20 percent off!

You can locate your Denny’s from this guide.

A few other restaurants that remain open on Thanksgiving day would include –

What are the restaurants that will remain closed for Thanksgiving Day 2020?

Here are a few restaurants that will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020 would be –

We assume we have been of enough help in letting you pick what’s open on Thanksgiving, and that would ideally meet your needs and expectations. Check them out and get access to an enhanced experience on a perfect Thanksgiving Day!


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