WhatsApp Secrets you should check out – The 6 best WhatsApp Hidden Features!

WhatsApp has become one of the most preferred options for chats and communications. However, understanding a few WhatsApp secrets and tricks can help you get more out of it.

The instant messenger app that made its humble beginnings in 2009, WhatsApp has today become the prime and one of the most widely used Instant Messengers for almost everyone around the world. After being acquired by Facebook, the service has been made available across almost a million users.

WhatsApp does offer you a few exciting features and secrets and a host of them are unknown to most of WhatsApp Users. We thought of checking out the best options offered by WhatsApp and share the best WhatsApp secrets with you.

Top 6 Best WhatsApp Secrets you should be aware of, but do not know!

Are you looking to get more from your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp interactions? The tips and WhatApp hidden features here can definitely prove to be quite effective in that context.

1. Temporary Messages or Self Destructing Messages

The self disappearing or self destructing messages on WhatsApp were long overdue and have been implemented only recently. The feature lets you make the messages disappear on their own and thus help you protect your privacy. This has been one of the recent additions to the app and you should be able to access it following the steps here below –

  • Tap on the name of the contact you want to configure self destructing messages on.
  • Pick the Disappearing Messages option

  • Turn it on

That does it. The chats between you and the contact chosen will be deleted after a while.

2. Change the Text format of the Chat

Adding the parameters such as Bold, Italics and Strikethrough can  help you add more meaning and value to your WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp does let you do it.

Adding special text format to your chats will simply involve adding a few characters to your words or text –

  • To add the bold characters, add up * (asterisk) on both ends of the text. For example, typing *This* will convert the text to This
  • To make the characters italic, add underscore (_) to both ends of the word. For instance, _this_ converts it into this
  • Strikethrough can be achieved through the symbol ~ to both ends. For instance, ~this~ will convert it into this
  • Monospace characterisation can be achieved through three bracket viz “`

If you are on Android, you can simply enter the text, select it and pick the options for Bold, Italics or Strikethrough from the context menu. You may need to tap on More to find those options.

3. Highlighted or Starred messages

There are times when you want to save a message as you would need it quite frequently. For instance,  someone banking details, or Address can easily be accessed by highlighting the messages. The best way to achieve that would be to STAR the message. This will make it quite easy to access the message as and when you want to instead of having to scroll through a barrage of messages.

To use the feature –

  • In a chat, select the particular message you want to highlight. You can do so by long pressing on the message.
  • Access the three dot menu on the top right.
  • Pick the option Star. 

  • The message will instantly be starred. You can access it through Three dot menu from the main menu and then picking the option for Starred Messages

4. Do not want to save the photos and videos?

WhatsApp is a great option for the best on the dot communication, but you may find it a little annoying to receive a few unwanted messages. The automatic saving of photos and videos can make your smartphone storage deplete quite soon. Instead of automatically saving the images and videos from every chat, you can choose to download them only when needed. Please note that you should save the file within the stipulated time,  since the files will be available on the WhatsApp servers only for a particular limited time.

Here is how you would be able to do it –

  • Go to the three dot menu and then select Settings
  • Now pick the option for Chats. 

  • Deactivate the toggle for the Visibility of multimedia files 

5. Remove the Last Seen option

The Last Seen option on WhatsApp lets you find your contacts whether you are found to be active on the messaging service. You can deactivate the Last Seen option for all your contacts or for a single contact. Do note that it may be a good idea to let a few of your loved ones to have access to your last Seen parameter for security reasons.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Access the Settings menu as in te above example.
  • Choose Account

  • Next, go to Privacy and pick the Last Seen option and configure it as per your preferences.

6. How to find whom do you communicate frequently?

Of course, this may be just of an academic interest. But, understanding who is your favourite contact can be quite interesting. You can find easily as to whom are you communicating with on WhatsApp quite frequently.

Here is how you will be able to do it –

  • Go to Settings, and then to Storage and Data
  • On the next screen, pick the option for Manage Storage

  • The next screen will list out who you have been communicating with frequently.

WhatsApp is indeed a huge chat app and every one of us is on WhatsApp. We assume the specific WhatsApp tricks and tips outlined here should ideally help you pick the best options for achieving more positive results. Becoming the WhatsApp Beta Tester can be one of the excellent options to help you get access to the new features before others can get them.

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