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How to make Homeschooling fun – 6 Best and Radical Ideas

The pandemic times have completely revolutionised the way schools have been operating. Homeschooling has become the norm. How to make homeschooling fun activity? The tips here should perhaps help you take a call.

The upcoming school year has been something you can not be sure of what’s coming up. From that perspective, homeschooling appears to be the only option that appears to be viable. The social distancing norms and other hygiene measures are expected to take a considerable toll on the traditional means of providing education. This has given rise to homeschooling concepts.

how to make homeschooling fun

Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, and almost all the activities have either come to a standstill or recently been moving towards a different approach. Schooling is one area that has moved to the concept of homeschooling. If you have wards below a particular age where they are not mature enough, you will find that it has become quite difficult to handle homeschooling concepts. How to make Homeschooling fun and make it more addressable?

Here are the best options to help you make it fun for homeschoolers. The need of the hour is that you need to think out of the box. Once you bring yourself to think right out of the box, you can be assured of more comfortability.

6 Great and radical Ideas on How to make Homeschooling fun

The best part of homeschooling is that you do not need to be too formal. That should be one of the areas that makes it rather easier for the children slightly difficult to adjust in the beginning. Before we deal with the concept of the best homeschooling activities that would make homeschooling fun for you, let us make it clear that it doesn’t look the way it is made to appear on those Facebook and Instagram posts.

1. Teens would need a One to One support

When it comes to homeschooling, it is the teenagers who are bound to experience a difficult time. The school shut down of this largest scale is unprecedented. Students have been out of school in more than 185 countries globally. The reports suggest that this is equivalent to 9 out of 10 students being out of school. That should be a horrifying number.

And it is the teens who are much affected. A survey has indicated that four out of ten students in their teens do not log in to their classes. It may not be easy for the faculty or the teachers to meet with parents and discuss student access. That is where an effective parenting should come to the fore. The homeschooling can be made a fun if parents take an active interest in the difficulties that the teens have been facing in getting access to the right education. There are several plans that foster the educational spirit alive.

2. Bring in more Games

Though not necessarily in tune with the educational needs, these homeschooling activities can be quite helpful in making homeschooling fun. Design the games in such a way that you can add in a few study elements into it. Games have been observed to be a perfect stealth for learning.

Some of the skills that you can make your ward learn through games can include literary skills, math skills, learning how to handle wins and losses, and an enhanced critical thinking abilities. Devise a lot of options where you can incorporate loads of teaching materials into your games. A few of the games that can nourish your family can be found here. 

3. Watch Documentaries and movies

Documentaries can be one of the excellent means to help your kids develop an active interest in a topic. Make sure that you watch the documentaries and films with your kid. You would perhaps be able to explain a few things during the course of the movie and help the kid develop an interest in the topic. This can be one of the best options to find how to make homeschooling more fun.

The documentaries can also be helpful for your wards to develop a new interest. They would also assist in letting the kids delve more in-depth and have a more profound interest in several topics. As a responsible parent, it should be your duty to drive them – even though stealthily – towards getting access to the right topics and documentaries. Curiosity Stream is one of the wonderful options we found from this context.

4. Make learning maths an easy task

maths has been one of the most difficult and hard nut to crack for most of the children. You should be able to make it rather easier by incorporating several media than focussing on the textbooks alone. This will make learning maths a fun activity. Mix and match different media and help your ward get to the crux of the subject. Once they develop an interest, you would find that they have a good deal of interest automatically developed in the subject.

YouTube Videos, Songs based on maths and a host of math games can be something that can be worthy enough. This strategy should be equally capable of making homeschooling fun for your wards not only in maths but a variety of other subjects and topics as well. TedEd Maths and Minute Physics are a couple of video channels we found quite interesting and efficient.

5. Give thought to Microschools

Micro schools refer to the concept where the parents can form a group and allow their children to study together in a safe group. If the group of parents or the society can afford, they can even consider opting for a private teacher and hire him to teach a specific set of subjects.

The concept of homeschooling appears to be catching up fast, and parents haven’t been averse to the idea of homeschooling. In sharp contrast to a scenario where less than 5 per cent of kids were into homeschooling, a whopping 60 per cent of the parents now tend to prefer homeschooling. Parents can form a network and can consider pooling their resources to arrive at the best options.

6. Sign up for Online language Classes

Now that your kids have no full-day schooling, it may be a great idea to give a thought to learning some additional skills. One of the best homeschooling activities that can make homeschooling fun can include learning a new language. Learning a new language as a kid can have long-lasting benefits.

Learning new languages has been observed to improve your respect and liking for other cultures. In addition, it has been also been stated to bring in an improved level of efficiency when it comes to problem-solving skills and enhance the memory boosting.

Well, Homeschooling is here to stay. We have been forced to live with the Coronavirus for a long time to come, and it may take around more than a year as well. We do not have an option than going with the flow. Of course, adjusting to the homeschooling regime in a day may not be an easy task as such. Just ensure that you are making those small steps each passing day, and follow the tips outlined in the above discussion.

Just cultivate the habit of worrying less and indulging in more jolly moments. Have you come across any of the best options that can be helpful in making homeschooling more fun? If you do, you can share them with us. Your ideas would help you in how to make homeschooling fun, and if it does – share your thoughts with us.

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