Are Sleep Gummies safe?

Sleep gummies have been widely used with or without a prescription. However, are sleep gummies safe? It would be worthwhile to find it out.

Sleep is something you would essentially need for complete health. If you want to lead a healthy and peaceful life, you need to have healthy sleep. Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep can definitely be a huge issue in itself and can reach annoying eventualities. That is where people tend to use Sleep Gummies for inducing a healthy sleep.

are sleep gummies safe
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But, are sleep gummies safe? Sleep gummies are mainly constituted of compounds such as melatonin and vitamin B6. Experts believe that Melatonin supplements are safe for consumption by adults in the short term. However, there have been no studies to indicate the long term effects of the sleep gummies. Smaller Melatonin supplements such as 0.5 milligrams or less have been found to induce the same responses that your brain induces sleep naturally. 

Are Sleep Gummies Safe?

Sleep gummies that constitute Melatonin have been found to be generally safe and have been observed to be helpful in providing you a good degree of sleep performance. However, if you are expecting magical results, that may not be something you can get access to. Of course, it would induce sleep in a natural manner, but may also fail to work in some cases.

Like Leslie Swanson, Ph.D., clinical associate professor in psychiatry at Michigan Medicine’s Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory claims,

“If taken at the appropriate time and dosage, melatonin is great for jet lag and helping night owls to fall asleep earlier,”

If you are already facing insomnia and similar other issues, the sleep gummies may not have any positive effect on your sleep patterns. Studies have indicated that Melatonin can decrease the time taken to fall asleep by around 7 minutes.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin occurs naturally in your body. The body produces enough of Melatonin to help it have a proper regulation of the sleep-wake cycles. That would mean you do not need to have any additional supplement for the purpose of proper sleep if your body naturally produces the chemical.

The pineal gland in your brain induces the release of Melatonin as it begins getting darker. This would make you drowsy as the bedtime approaches and we gradually fall asleep. As the sun rises and your wake time approaches, the amount of melatonin begins to decrease gradually, thus waking you up. The melatonin can only be released in the dim light. It does not release in the bright light scenarios. Says Beth  Malow, MD, a professor in the department of neurology and paediatrics and director of the sleep disorders division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center,-  “It makes us drowsy—about two hours after melatonin starts getting released, we are ready to go to sleep.”

Is it safe to take Sleep Gummies every night?

Under general conditions, Sleep Gummies or Melatonin supplements are safe to consume every night – as long as you do not cross the requisite dosage. Experts suggest sticking to a low dose of sleep gummies, to the tune of around 1 to 3 milligrams per night.

While the dosage may be safe and will not have any sort of side effects, there is no proof to indicate the long term effects of the supplement. In fact, there is no proof to substantiate the effect that sleep gummies or Melatonin can have on the patients suffering from insomnia. In any case, as long as you stick to the safe dose of less than 3 milligrams, you should be able to have no issues.

Do sleep gummies have side effects?

There are no major side effects observed with the use of sleep gummies. Since it is a naturally occurring ingredient in your body, it should have no side effect of any nature. No studies have revealed any side effects. However, you are likely to come across a few general side effects including dizziness, headache, nausea or agitation.

The melatonin can be taken in lighter quantities. In fact, it should have no serious concerns even when taken in high quantities. However, the long terms effects of the sleep gummies have not yet been ascertained as yet. That would perhaps need a long term study and analysis in finding how effective melatonin can be in being safe to consume.

Is it safe to provide Sleep Gummies for kids?

FDA has neither approved the use of sleep gummies for the kids neither its has evaluated any safety concerns for the kids. A good number of parents have been administring sleep gummies to their children who have problems falling asleep. If you are in Europe, melatonin supplements are available only under prescription. The sleep gummies in the European region have been prescribed only for adults.

There are no specific reasons for not recommending it for the kids, but still, experts are reluctant to make it available for the children. Since children have been considered to be a sensitive group, medical fraternity recommends not to use the sleep gummies for kids unless suggested specifically by your physician.

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