Why you Cannot sleep well on someone else’s bed?

Have you found it difficult to sleep well on someone else's bed? You are not alone. It is a biological reaction and we explain why.

That is perhaps something every one of us has gone through. No matter whether you had a sleepover or maybe staying in a hotel, or better still – you have to spend a night with your relatives – or just in case – you had that adult “sleepover” – whatever be the case, you will find it extremely difficult to sleep comfortably on someone else’s bed.

sleep well in someone else's bed

This is actually called the first night effect. This happens each time you sleep in a new place and obviously leaves you highly fatigued the next morning. Is it possible to sleep well on someone else’s bed? Well, if you want to know that it would be a good idea to understand why you can’t sleep well on someone else’s bed.

Why can’t you sleep well on someone else’s bed?

Well, no matter how secure the room may be, however quiet and comfortable it maybe – you know somewhere in your mind that this is something new. It still considers the surroundings to be extremely unfamiliar. That is how the left hemisphere on your brain remains active and keeps alerting you of the danger.

While you fall asleep – seemingly enough, in a new situation or surrounding – the night watchman of your brain – the left hemisphere – keeps processing all the information. In fact, it continues to do so even in the so-called deep sleep status.

How can you sleep well in someone else’s bed?

It will be the same case with you if you have to sleep with someone else, even when it is your own bed. It would be the same case when you have someone else in the room, not necessarily on your bed.

So is there any option you can sleep well with someone else in the room? Or with someone else on the same bed? Or even someone else’s bed? Well, now that you are why it happens, it would be practical to check out a few crucial aspects.

Use Sleep Masks or Earplugs

The earplugs can be extremely useful in addressing someone else in the room. High-quality earplugs can be handy enough in blocking the sounds made by others in the room. A sleep mask will be useful in blocking away the light. Choose a memory foam sleep mask for the best results.

is the coronavirus airborneis the coronavirus airborne

The use of earplugs and sleep masks can help you take your brain onto a sleep mode. This would also be helpful enough to achieve the best results in addressing your concern.

Use Calming Aroma

The brain tends to be anxious when you are in a new place and want to sleep. The calming scents and aroma can be one of the excellent options soothing your brain. There are multiple ways you can surround yourself with the scents.

You can use a lavender spray or something that has a soothing effect on you on your pillows. A roll-on can also be a good alternative. The use of scented candles or a room diffuser may be one of the best options you can give a thought to.

Eat the right of food at night

Eating food that is rich in Melatonin is one of the excellent options yet another superb option to induce sleep. If you are unaware, Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleepiness and relaxation.

Some of the food items rich in Melatonin can include grains such as rice, fruits & vegetables, and of course, nuts. Consume them in enough quantity in dinner, and that will ensure that your body gets ready for sleep.

Well, those should be some of the excellent options that would be helpful enough in achieving the best results and let you sleep well on someone else’s bed, with someone else in the room.  All it takes is a little planning, and we assure you a good night’s sleep.

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