How to sleep better at night – 6 tips for a better sleep

Having access to a good night's sleep is the key to performing well in your life. So, how to sleep better? Here are a few tips to assist you.

A good night’s sleep as important as the right amount of balanced food and exercise for prolonged health. In fact, a night of better sleep is the key to excellent health and a happy frame of mind.

How about feeling refreshed, alert, and full of energy every time you get up in the morning? That would be the right option to prepare for the challenges life is about to throw at you throughout the day. But, but…how many of you belong to that rare category? Well, not many of us get up that way every morning. So, how to sleep better at night to ensure that you have an excellent mood and fresh mind all through the day? Well, you need to follow a few ideas for getting better sleep.


how to sleep better

Well, here are our six tips for better sleep. The key to good health can only be assured by learning how to sleep correctly.

How to sleep better – A few great ideas

Follow the best tips for better sleep here to learn how to fall asleep fast. The ideas here should provide you a good insight into how to sleep quickly.

Keep in tune with the sleep-wake cycle of your body

Your body has its own sleep and wake cycle. Abiding by this cycle is the key to achieving better sleep. In fact, the number of hours you sleep in a day would have no impact on your well being, but obeying your sleep cycle does. Irregular sleep patterns can even cause headaches.

The key is to follow one single schedule for your sleep – night after night. When you go to sleep and wake at the predefined time, your biological clock goes well in sync, and your normal bodily functions will continue working in sync with it.

Sleep and get up at the same time every day

This will help synchronize the  biological clock inside your body and thus improve the quality of your sleep. In fact, once you develop the habit, you would not need an alarm for waking up. In case you are forced to use an alarm, that would mean you should change your time to go to bed.

Never sleep in – Come what may

Of course, that is one of the prevailing tendencies to sleep in more on weekends or holidays. Never ever do it. Of course, there are times when you had a late night schedule. But do not make it up by sleeping in. Instead, choose a daytime nap to compensate it – just in case you need to, not as an obligation.

Limit Your Naps

Naps can be good enough to get refreshed. But never go beyond a nap of more than 15 to 20 minutes. Anything more than that can disturb your regular sleep to a greater extent.

You can make use of a sleep calculator for finding when exactly you should go to bed if you really care about how to have better sleep.

Enhance the sleeping environment

The smallest change in your bedtime routine can make your sleep pattern go wrong. Make sure your bedroom or the sleeping environment is designed in such a manner that your brain can easily let go off everything in the day and go into a mood of relaxation.

Some of the options that can prove to be handy here can include

Control the noises

A quiet environment would be one of the excellent options to ensure a better sleep. Of course, you would not be able to eliminate the noise from around you, such that coming from the neighbors, vehicles, and bustling city life. Check if you can mask it through the use of a fan or any other similar manner.

Unclutter the bedroom

A cluttered bedroom can be something you would not be comfortable with. It would not bring in a sound environment for healthy sleep. If you have been hoarding things in the bedroom, you will end up facing sleep disorders. Clean up your room for a better sleep experience.

Let your bed be solely for what it is meant for

Well, a bed is meant for sleeping. Do not use it for any other purposes such as watching TV, or working on things other than sleeping, and of course, sex! This will ensure that your brain associates the bed with sleep and sex, and that way, you will end up having access to a good sleep pattern.

  Let your bed be comfortable enough

The bed should be comfortable to avoid having sleeping discomfort. An uncomfortable bed can result in a sore neck or even backpain. Check out different mattresses and choose the one that best meets your comfortability. Pillow – if you use it – is yet another important sleep companion you should give a thorough thought to.

Avoid Caffeine in the afternoon

Of course, Caffeine has its own benefits and can be an excellent option for the right dose of rejuvenation. But, then – it can also have a few severe effects on your sleep pattern. In fact, caffeine has been found to improve your focus and energy and thus should act as a natural booster for your productivity.

However, if consumed in a large quantity in the later part of the day, it can inhibit the natural relaxation mode at night. It will stimulate your nervous system and will keep you up almost all night. It would also be a good idea to avoid consuming too many liquids in the afternoon, or at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. This will prevent frequent visits to the bathroom through the night.

No Alcohol at least 3 hours before bedtime

Alcohol has long been believed to be the best sleep aid. In fact, many researches conducted in the past point to the fact that Alcohol has been a great aid in achieving better sleep. But, recent studies have proved that while it may induce sleep, it may not offer a good enough sleep pattern.

The quality of the sleep may not be effective and efficient if it is induced by Alcohol. Of course, it would make you go sleepy, but it does bring in a few other effects that may disturb a sound sleep. You will not be able to reach the deeper stages of sleep.

How can Alcohol affect your sleep?
Alcohol will make you go into sleep mode for a while, but you will never be able to into a deep sleep mode. You may go into sleep rapidly enough, but it prevents you from going into the REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. The more Alcohol you have before bedtime, these disturbances will be more prevalent. Lack of REM sleep can cause drowsiness throughout the day and also result in poor concentration. Too much of Alcohol can even result in inducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Avoid big meals at night

Late night eating can severely affect your sleep quality. A large meal before going to bed can cause sleep distortion. In fact, it has also been linked to hormone disruption. Food in high carbohydrate content four hours before going to bed can help you in falling asleep faster.

Choose your food wisely enough – especially when you are more close to your bedtime. There are certain mals that would be useful in getting better sleep. Analyze which one works the best for you.

A few Food items that may be good for a better sleep
For most of us, a light snack before bed can help induce a better sleep quality. A few food items that can induce sleep can include
  • A sandwich made of half a turkey
  • Milk products, preferably yogurt or milk
  • Banana
  • Whole grain, low sugar cereal.

Get exposure to bright light during the day

Like most of the animals, you possess a biological clock as well. This is what would keep track of your hormones, keeps your brain and body active, and helps you how to stay vigilant and active during the day. It also guides you on when to go to sleep.

A reasonable degree of exposure to bright light during the day will ensure that your biological clock is in sync. This can be helpful in both ways. It will keep your day time energy at the optimum level while improving your sleep patterns. If you have insomnia, an exposure to bright light during the day can prove to be effective in controlling the issues.

Before we sign off..

Proper sleep can prove to be extremely important for your health. Insufficient sleep can induce several health disorders, one of the serious concerns being excessive obesity both in children and adults. You may end up getting type 2 diabetes and heart ailments.

It is quite essential to take care of your sleep patterns, and the only way you would be able to achieve this would be through making sleep a top priority. That should not mean sleeping throughout the day is what we recommend. Just ensure that you have access to better sleep quality and quantity. We assume the tips featured above would help you understand how to sleep better.

So, what are you thinking about? Follow those tips and have a good night's sleep!

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