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Safety Tips for Trick O Treating – Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fast approaching. Is it safe to trick o treat during COVID-19 this Halloween? A few of the safety tips for Trick o Treating can be useful in celebrating it in style.

Halloween is just around the corner. While costumes and makeup have been one of the strongholds of enjoying the best Halloween ever, Trick o Treating has been that enhances the excitement of Halloween further. You may already have several ideas for an effective trick o treating experience. We will not delve into those how-to dos of trick o treating today. Rather we will focus on the best safety tips for Trick o Treating that can help you enjoy the best ever Halloween this year.

safety tips for trick o treating
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Trick O Treating has always been the major enjoyment options for the kids during Halloween. That would make it all the more important for checking out a few best safety tips for trick O treating you can follow to make this a safe Halloween for your children.

Top 5 Safety tips for Trick O Treating this Halloween

Trick o Treating is fun, but can indeed turn harrowing if the parents aren’t careful enough. Here are a few Trick o treat safety tips that you can follow to avoid the mishaps.

1. Plan a proper route well in advance

Trick o Treating can take place several miles away from your home. This can perhaps cause a lot of discomfort and frustration in kids. It may be a good idea to map a path even before you set out of home. Make sure you avoid long paths by planning things beforehand.

Yet another excellent safety option can be to stick to a path that both you and your children are familiar with. This will help you avoid the chances of getting lost. Always make sure you are using sidepaths to avoid colliding with someone. Avoiding crowds may be something we would recommend in these pandemic times.

2. Stay Visible to one another

We are into the Fall and this is that time of the year where the evenings tend to get darker a little earlier. Ensure that you are staying close together. This will ensure that you will never get lost.

While it is recommended to stay visible to one another within your group, it would also be important that you are visible to the vehicles. Remember these are festive times and you may come across a lot of people coming out to enjoy Halloween. One of the great ideas would be to use reflective tapes on the costumes which makes them glow when the light falls on them. That way, you will be visible to your

3. Keep the toxins away

The best part of Trick o treating is how to dress up your kid with the best possible costumes. The best Halloween Costumes are indeed what would enhance the true Halloween experience. But, it would be extremely practical to ensure that the costumes you choose should be clean and toxin-free for a better degree of experience.

Whether you are using face paint or other types of makeup, try staying away from the toxins. Use natural and non toxic material for the costumes and makeup. Be warned that the paint brought from the stores can even contain lead which is a huge toxin.

4. Drive safe

Please note that the crosswalks and junctions can be dangerous. Everyone is out to enjoy their festive season and you will never want your kids to endangered because of the haste and excitement of other Trick o treaters. Driving safely is the key to stay safe and keep your kids safe.

Children are excited for the Halloween and the festivities and can behave quite unpredictably. Slowing down in the residential areas can be something extremely important. You need to be extra careful when it comes to intersections and medians. Stay away from the distractions such as your smartphones.

5. Check the Candy before eating it

This is the most important part of the best safety tips for trick o treating. Never eat your candy until you are home. Of course, there may not be anything harmful in the treats, but it is always a good idea to be safe than being sorry later. Some of the candies may be a cause for the choking hazard for your kids. It may also be a good idea to check if something has been tampered with to be on the safer side.

It would also be a good idea to check if something has been tampered or opened. You would also want to check if the treats and candies have anything that may be allergic to your children. It may also be a good idea to ration the candies for having later.

Is it Safe to trick o treat During COVID-19?

A recent survey indicated that people have been looking to have a decent and fun filled Halloween this October. Close to 80 percent of the respondents claimed that the option to go to the trick o treat party has been prime on their mind. But is it safe to trick o Treat during COVID -19?

That can be a little complicated question to answer. Trick o Treating outside in the areas that have found the disease mitigated or under control can be a good idea as long as you follow the precautions. Indulging in activities such as house parties and school dances may be a little risky and should invariably be avoided.

The following activities have been rated to be high risk by the CDC –

  • Avoid attending crowded costume parties. Avoid them altogether when these parties are held in closed indoors – even when the number of participants is lower.
  • Avoid the traditional trick o treating where kids collect treats by going from door to door.
  • Never get the trick o treats that have been handed over from the car and vehicles from a crowded parking area.
  • Never go into a crowded haunted house.
  • Never visit any other area if you belong to an area that has community spread.

The best way you can avoid the risk would be to keep the activities limited to your home. At the most, CDC recommends opting for a limited walk around a neighbourhood.

Halloween is a fun event and we have been waiting for it all through the year. Of course, the COVID-19 has been affecting our celebrations thoroughly. Following a few precautions to help you get access to the best standards can prove to be one of the excellent options in this context.

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