Is Napping off Good For Health?

Most of us tend to take a nap while waiting for something, or someone. But, have you ever given a thought to check if this habit is good for health or should be considered something not to be indulged in?

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If you are confused to take a call on whether it is good from the health point of view, a recent study has come up with a result that can be a piece of good news for you. Ideally speaking, naps are normally given to the newborns, who need to have a nap of around 16 hours a day, the recommended sleep for the teenagers is claimed to be around 6 to 8 hours.

However, the fact remains that it is not possible for most of the adults to get the full recommended 7 hours of sleep. The stress factors may be one of the reasons, while consumption of caffeinated beverages can be another reason that can cause the issue. A recent study conducted has come up with the conclusion that day time nap can be a good option for your heart. In fact, the benefits of naps for adults outweigh the issues if any. Taking a day time nap once or twice a week can be quite helpful in avoiding the chances of a heart attack. Do note that the studies do not claim any sort of additional durations though.

A nap that lasts less than 30 minutes can help you stay alert and improve your performance. These are normally referred to as Power naps. However, taking a nap beyond that can have the opposite effect.

Occasional naps can also be helpful enough in boosting the levels of your immunity. In many cases, napping can help you in the retention of the information. It can be an essential option at times when you are taking up an exam, learning a new skill or have a huge deal of tasks to complete.

But, how long nap should be an ideal nap for your health? While most of the studies we cited do not provide a clear answer to. However, experts would claim that the right option would be to take a nap of less than 20 minutes duration. More than that can cause opposite results than what you would be expecting.

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