How to get rid of Headache in under five minutes!#Best Headache Relief Techniques

A headache can be quite painful. How about using a few techniques to get rid of headache right at your home?

Headaches do happen. And they happen because of a wide range of reasons. When they arrive, it is excruciating, and perhaps you lose all your interest in whatever you are doing. So, are you checking out the best options for headache relief? The tips here should ideally be helpful in finding the best possible headache remedies. Check them out and find how to cure a headache.

The best way to get rid of headaches in just under five minutes would involve opting for the best acupressure techniques. There are six different points according to Acupressure in achieving the best headache relief viz Yintang, Tian Zhu Point, He Gu Point, Shuai Gu Points, Zan Zhu points and Yingxiang Points.

A few good options to help you find the easy ways to get rid of headache can include 

  1. Opt for a cold pack
  2. Dim the lights
  3. Have Some Caffeine
  4. Have some ginger
  5. Try Massaging
  6. Take a hot compress

But you need not worry. There are a few simple options that can help you find relief from a headache. Whether you are checking out how to get rid of a headache or even how to get rid of migraines, a few simple tricks and tips can be helpful in letting you relieve the pain. We will check out a few natural ways to get rid of headache.

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How to get rid of Headache with Acupressure

Well, whether you believe in it or not, Acupressure has been one of the prominent options to help with the best way to get rid of headache. In fact, a host of studies have proved the efficiency of the massaging technique referred to as Acupressure as the best headache remedies ever.

You do not need to have any specific knowledge of medicine to relieve yourself of the reflexotherapy offered by Acupressure. Just access the right pressure point get rid of headache and massage it gently.

There are six main points in your body you need to take care of and massage them gently to help you get rid of headache. Use a light massage or the circular motion for a better result. Acupressure has proved its effectiveness as the prime and natural remedies for migraines.

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1. Yintang

This point is also known as Third Eye Point. It is located at the centre of the eyebrows. Locate it precisely at the point where the bridge of the nose passes through the forehead. The point can be a great option to get rid of headache. Besides, it also works best as a means for taking care of eye fatigue.

2. Tian Zhu Point

There are two of these points. They are located in the back of the head. You should find them between the ear and the spine. Massaging these points relieves the nasal congestion. It can also control headache, migraine and eye pain. Za

3. Zan Zhu points

You can locate them towards the base of the inner edge of your eyebrows. Working on these points can help you improve visual clarity. It can also be helpful in taking care of the runny nose. Use a circular motion for better results.

4. Yingxiang Points

These are points located on either side of the nostrils. You should ideally find them in line with your eyes. Apart from helping you get rid of headache, it can also be an excellent remedy for toothache and stress relief. It can also help you relieve sinus.

5. Shuai Gu Points

The points are located in your temple region. You should find them around an inch below the hairline. You should be able to identify a dimple in this region. This point is quite useful in containing the pain in the temporal area. It can also address eye fatigue.

6. He Gu Point

This is the point located in your hand at the centre of thumb and forefinger. Applying pressure at this point can help you relieve the tension in the neck muscles. It can also help you address toothache and back pain.

The image should help you find those points quickly.

Few other tips to help you get rid of headache – The easy Ways to get rid of Headache

Well, the acupressure technique apart, here are a few other great headache remedy options that can be much helpful in letting you get rid of headache with ease. The natural headache remedies that can be helpful in an effective headache in a very effective manner.

A few easy ways to get rid of headache can include

1. Opt for a cold pack

Use a cold pack on your forehead. In fact, it should be an extremely easy and simple option to get rid of migraines. You can use several homemade choices for the purpose. Ice cubes in a towel, a cold shower or cold peas in a bag can be a few good options for a cold pack. Use them for 15 minutes and repeat after a break of 15 minutes.

Want to know whether your headache is due to COVID-19?

Read this article to find out more about it.

2. Dim the lights

Bright light or a flickering light can cause headache or migraines. Of course, this can differ from one person to another. Using a blackout curtain for the window can be the right solution if you are prone to such kind of an headache. You can add up anti-glare screens to your computer or laptop as a means of home remedies for migraines. Wear sunscreen goggles when outdoors. You can even replace your light bulbs with daylight spectrum bulbs and similar fixtures.

3. Have Some Caffeine

Tea, coffee or any other similar drink that has caffeine in it should help you ease the pain due to headache. In fact, they would be a better option than the over the counter pain killers. Just make sure you do not drink too much of it. Caffeine can have a few good effects in helping you as the natural remedies for migraines.

4. Have some ginger

Recent studies have shown that ginger can help you relieve headache.  In fact, it has been observed that ginger can also be useful to get rid of migraines. Brewing some tea with ginger can be one of the excellent options.

A lavender lemonade has also been found to be effective in curing headaches. Of course, the lavender does have a host of medicinal properties and can definitely cure headaches and can double up as the best headache remedies.

5. Try Massaging

Massaging has been found to be a great reliever as a natural remedy for headache when it comes to severe headaches. You can either use the Acupressure methods headache cure that we outlined above or opt for other relevant options depending upon your comfortability levels with each of them.

6. Take a hot compress

Just like a cold pad, a hot compress can also be an excellent option to get rid of headache. In fact, it would be a good natural migraine relief option if you have a tension headache or a stress-related headache. The headache relief treatment can be good enough if you have a sinus headache. A warm shower can also do the trick as a great headache remedy.

And before we take your leave, here is a funny, yet seemingly a great idea to get rid of headache –

Try it out next time you have a headache! In any case, we assume the headache relief tips here should have helped you in answering how to get rid of a headache fast. 

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