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9 Proven options on How to lose weight without Exercise and Diet?

Can you lose weight without exercise? If you follow a few simple lifestyle changes, you can easily lose weight without exercise and diet.

The prime mantra that everyone follows when it comes to losing weight is to exercise more and eat less. However, sticking to such an exorbitant diet plan or stringent exercises can prove to be extremely difficult. So, is it possible to lose weight without exercise and diet? While there have been ample studies to indicate that indulging in moderately decent exercise can be helpful in maintaining your health and overall wellbeing, there is an equal number of studies that have proved that exercise alone is not necessarily be the best way to lose weight.

Can I Lose weight without exercise?

You can lose weight without exercise. The best way is to ensure that you are consuming less calorie rich food. Experts suggest opting for a 80:20 ratio for the low calorie diet and exercise. Consune 80 percent low calorie diet and exercise just around 20 percent. This can involve simple walking, moving or doing a few minor physical activities. 

lose weight without exercise

Doing exercises can be a difficult task and can involve the elements such as a change in lifestyle. Changing one’s lifestyle may not be easy to come by. So is exercise really important if you are looking to shed those extra pounds? Do not fall prey to those social media profiles or the TV commercials. Losing weight without exercise should ideally mean you just need to change your eating habits. Most of the times, there’s no need for changing your diet either. Eating a balanced diet can help you lose weight without exercise.

Of course, if you are into sports, or other areas of life that needs you to be extremely fit, it may be a great idea to go with the military diet to lose weight in 3 days.  However, it is not something we would recommend for a normal person like you and me to indulge in such a huge range of activities and stringent diet.

9 Proven ways to lose weight without exercise and diet

Having understood that, here are a few key techniques that should help you lose weight without exercises and diet.

1. Chew more and slow your eating

Slow eating indeed improves your digestion. Chewing the food thoroughly will make your brain understanding and keeping a count on how much you have eaten. In fact, eating slower increases the feeling of fullness, reduces the food intake and also makes you consume smaller portions.


How quickly you consume your meals has a great say in how much weight you are likely to gain. Fast eaters are expected to gain more weight than those who eat slower. Moreover, eating slowly will also help your brain and body in registering when it is full.

Quick Tip –

Eating slow is the best way to avoid starving yourself, yet avoid gaining weight.

2. Eat more protein

Protein can be an excellent option to help you eat less, yet feel full. It can reduce hunger and make you eat lesser calories without starving you. Moreover, it has also been proved to be an efficient ingredient for a better metabolism and growth. One of the best options is to consume yoghurt in the afternoon, which reduces the hunger and also reduces the calories intake in the later meals.

A protein intake of around 15 to 20 percent calories has been proved to help you lose 11 pounds in 12 weeks, as per a recent study. It may be a good idea to switch from a grain based diet to a protein based one. This can help you lose weight effectively without having to restrict your diet.

Quick Tip –

Eating protein rich diet has been proved to be an effective weight loss option without exercises or dit restriction 

3. Get more fiber rich food

Fiber lets you feel fuller for prolonged periods of time. This can be a great option if you are looking to avoid exercises and a stringent diet plan, yet lose weight. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grain are a few food options that have been observed to be rich in fiber.

A specific type of fiber, labelled viscous fiber has been found to be a favourable ingredient if you are checking out how to lose weight without exercise and diet. The viscous fiber takes a gel form when it comes into contact with water and thus increases the time taken for the absorption of nutrients and thus induces a feeling of fullness that lasts longer.

Quick Tip –

Fiber intake, especially viscous fiber can reduce the appetite and a reduced hunger. Viscous fiber is found in beans, oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds.

4. Drink water regularly

Drinking water regularly can prove to be quite effective and efficient in helping you how to lose weight without exercise and diet. Make sure that you drink water before a meal. Drinking around half a liter water 30 minutes before meal can lessen the calorie intake and reduce hunger.

Several studies have proved that drinking water has been observed to reduce the weight to a tune of around 44 per cent over a 12 week period. We would also advise replacing the calorie rich food such as colas with water for a better weight loss regime.

Quick Tip –

Replacing any of the other sugary drinks with water can prove to be efficient in providing you a great degree of weight loss.

5. Get more sleep

A good night’s sleep can be one of the prime considerations when it comes to a general well-being and managing your weight. Sleep and stress are the two major factors that can contribute to the powerful effects on your health. It can have greater effects on your appetite and weight.

Lack of sleep can prove to be one of the reasons that affects the hormones that regulate  leptin and ghrelin. Along with that, another hormone known as Cortisol can induce a food craving. Chronic sleeplessness can also cause issues such as diabetes and obesity. You should avoid getting less than 6 hours of sleep.

Quick Tip – 

Poor sleep can cause an imbalance in hormones that regulate your appetite. This can cause you eat more and thus gain weight.

6. Reduce stress

Increased stress levels can also cause a hormonal imbalance and can further cause the issues such as weight gain. If you are looking for finding information on how to lose weight without exercise and diet, keeping yourself free from stress should be one of the best options. When you are stressed, your body produces a specific hormone referred to as glucocorticoids. These can increase appetite, and thus further make you eat more.

One of the prime effects of stress can be shown in the form of emotional eating. Emotional eating refers to the continuous eating of unhealthy food to suppress the negative mood. You can reduce stress through several means. A few of the good ideas can include reducing caffeine intake, spending time outside and avoiding the commitments that may induce higher levels of stress.

Quick Tip – 

Stress can cause severe hormonal imbalance and  make you indulge in unhealthy eating habits. This can further result in gaining weight.

7. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks can cause higher body protein. Avoiding these drinks can be one of the best options to avoid gaining weight. If you really want to lose weight without diet and exercise, cutting down on the sugary drinks should be one of the best options. These beverages can also introduce you to the increased level of other health issues.

One of the reasons why sugary drinks can make you consume more calories is that they do not provide a feeling of fullness. It would be advisable to replace these drinks with healthy drinks such as coffee, water and green tea. Make sure you are not consuming too much of fruit juice either as they too have the same effects as a sugary drink.

Quick Tip – 

Sugary drinks can cause an increased risk of further diseases and even a weight gain. The brin may not detect the fullness from liquid foods as it does with the solid foods.

8. Serve food in smaller quantity

Dividing a larger meal into smaller portions can prove to be one of the best options to make you feel fuller and thus achieve weight loss without exercise and diet. You can even consider dividing your meals into several small courses throughout the day. Larger portions can make you inclined to eat more and thus can induce more calorie intake.

Serving yourself in small portions can help you achieve a better degree of feeling full. This can further cause weight gain and subsequent obesity. Eating smaller portions will help you eat less and consume less calories. Of course, you will not even notice  that you have been consuming less calories and helped yourself in your aim to lose weight without exercise or diet. Intermittent fasting is yet another good option, though a little traditional in a way.

Quick Tip – 

Larger portion sizes have been linked to obesity. This can cause you to eat more.

9. Avoid distortions when eating

Knowing what you are eating can be helpful in making you consume lesser calories. If you have been eating when watching TV or playing on a computer, you are likely to lose track of what you are eating. This can be one of the prime reasons for the obesity and overeating in today’s lifestyle.

Overeating can be one of the prime results of absent mindedness. It has been observed that those eating with distractions tend to consume 10 per cent more food than in the case of eating without distractions. It can even have a greater influence on the eating habit later in the day. Avoid getting distracted when eating to ensure that you are not over eating.

Quick Tip – 

You are likely to eat more when you are distracted. Paying sole attention to your meals should help you lose weight without exercise or diet.

Well, just a few simple lifestyle changes can prove to be one of the excellent options that can help you opt to lose weight without exercise and diet. In fact, most of the tips here have proved that they have nothing to do with the traditional modes of exercise plans and diets. Prioritise your plans and get access to the best possible experience.

Just a few simple changes can help you achieve the best results possible. Stay healthy, eat enough and lose weight without exercise or diet.


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