Top 5 best Cartoon Character Maker Apps you can try

Have you ever wondered how to create cartoon characters? The list of the top cartoon character maker options here should help you get access to the best options possible.

Creating a cartoon from a photo has always been considered to be something quite unique and fun activity in itself. If you are a 90’s kid, we are sure you would have done it a lot of times using a website. However, things have changed considerably over those decades – the cartoon character maker service today have been one of the best in terms of usability and end results.

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Thanks to the growing technology, you can now get access to a wonderful experience as the best possible cartoon character maker options ever. Picking the best online cartoon character maker or even the apps for the purpose has never remained a huge task anymore. We thought of helping you get access to a few great options from the perspective.

Best Cartoon Character Maker Sites and Apps

You can either get access to the best cartoon character maker apps or sites as per your preferences. In fact, a cartoon character maker would be one of the excellent options if you are not willing to provide your real image as a profile picture on social media profiles or on other sites. If your are worried wondering how to create cartoon characters, there are a few best options available. With the best sites to create cartoon characters or avatar makers worth checking such as Tektek , you would be able to create the images that closely resemble you, but will NOT be your real pictures.

1. ZMoji

Rather than being a website, ZMoji offers you a mobile app for creating cartoon characters out of your selfies and other images. The app lets you create your cartoon characters rather easily and through a few simple steps. The tool also lets you customise your images and avatars quite simply enough.

You also have a website option where you can provide your selfie or any other image and cartoonify it. You can also create GIFs with your avatars. It works both through a facial recognition and manual insertion. It also provides you access to multiple styles and outfits to choose from.


2. Cartoonify

You do not need to install any app to create your cartoon avatars. Cartoonify is an excellent cartoon character maker that works as the best web portal option for the purpose. The tool has more than 300 different graphic elements that let you get access to an enhanced cartoonifying experience ever.

You can download your newly created cartoon avatar as a vector image or even as a PNG file as per your preferences. One of the easy to use cartoon character maker options, it has been a perfect option ever among the cartoon character maker online free. You can even make use of the Premium Cartoonify option if you are looking for something more than what the free version offers you.

Visit here. 

3. Photolamus

Photolamus is yet another great option that can help you get access to an enhanced experience as the best cute cartoon character maker options. In fact, the site claims that you would be able to get 100 per cent hand-drawn caricatures by the real artists. The service has several professional artists working with the site and that makes it a perfect cartoon character maker service ever.

You can get a wide range of options of your caricatures that include Digital Drawings, Pencils, Drawings, Canvas Prints, and Printed Drawings. The service also offers you access to the best quality caricatures in personal cartoons, couple cartoons, group caricatures or even family caricatures.

Check it out here

4. Befunky

Go From Photo to Cartoon in One Click – that is what the site claims. And it lives up to the claims. That should be what makes it one of the best cartoon character maker options you can go with. You have a huge number of filters to shape your cartoon characters rather wisely enough. It also provides you access to a perfect set of tools that you can experiment with.

The tool can let you create a cartoon of yourself, or even your pet. So much so that you can even create your cartoons using inanimate objects such as fruits or furniture. The interface itself is much interesting with a studio-like appearance and experience.

Check them out here

5. AnyMaking

Do you want a realistic-looking cartoon characters? Anymaking is an excellent options from that point of view. This cartoon character maker makes it rather easy to create more realistic looking cartoon characters and animations with multiple options of fun photo filters.

AnyMaking is actually a free online photo editing software and does offer you the option to create cartoon characters as well. The wide range of editing options and filters would further makes it one of the prime options ever. Create your cartoon characters with the free tools that have always been found on the premium photo editing tools.

Check them out here

Well, that was a complete list of best sites like Cartoonify and a prime collection of best cartoon character maker options that you can utilise for gaining the best access to creating cartoon characters. The list above should ably answer your queries about how to create cartoon characters.

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  • Hi Chris
    Thanks for the comic reviews. You missed my favourite (ok, I own the company)…Fresh Quest Comic. The world’s first selfie-comic, where your face is auto-edited into the comic illustrations. Ok, its not perfect yet but we are making great strides in this pioneering facial recognition technology. Check it out on the App Store. Thanks for listening.

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