Kim Kardashian’s son Psalm West looks like late GrandPa

Kim Kardashian has been known well enough for her share of controversies, but she never shies away from sharing her personal life with the public and her fans. Recently, she posted a make up free image of herself, while holding her baby boy – Psalm West.

You can find in the photo that the Kim Kardashian’s Baby Boy – Psalm West is held tightly by his mother on her lap and he stares directly at the camera.

One of the fans noticed the subtlety and commented – “He looks like your dad ❤️”

Kim unexpectedly invited controversy when she praised her three month old son for sleeping peacefully ar night. There were a few trolls and negative comments that followed up the post –

One of the rudest comments read ” even if he didn’t sleep through the night, it wouldn’t bother you. You have a 24 x 7 nanny she would be one getting up”.
One other comment was more disturbing – “He probably does wake in the night but she doesn’t hear him cos its the nanny that goes in and deals with him”

However, there were several fans who swayed over the negative comments.
There were a few comments that have been quite heartening. A few of the fans could notice the resemblance between Psalm West and his grandfather and were quick to bring it up to Kim. One of the readers was quick enough to put his thoughts right away – “He looks like your dad! && wasn’t there an episode were a medium told you your newest baby would be a reincarnation of him or something???”
There were a few other comments that you would find really difficult ones to handle if you were not used to criticisms like Kim Kardashian has been.
One comment was the worst at its best – “why the baby look like Dj Khaled?” This should definitely be the way you would treat a person and his or her children, right? However, fans were helpful once again supporting her in every manner possible.
One such example included – “they used Kim’s egg and Kanye’s sperm and simply implanted it in someone else to carry the baby, so he 100% her and Kanye dna and no one else’s ?”

That perhaps proves beyond doubt that the controversy follows Kim Kardashian wherever she goes or whatever she does.

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